This book provides basic and fundamental knowledge of various aspects of energy-aware computing at the component, software, and system level. It provides a broad range of topics dealing with power-, energy-, and temperature-related research areas for individuals from industry and academia.

part |2 pages

PART VI: Monitoring, Modeling, and Evaluation

chapter 27|28 pages

Power-Aware Modeling and Autonomic Management Framework for Distributed Computing Systems

ByRajat Mehrotra, Abhishek Dubey, Sherif Abdelwahed, Asser N. Tantawi

chapter 28|26 pages

Power Measuring and Profiling: State of the Art

ByHui Chen, Weisong Shi

chapter 29|12 pages

Modeling the Energy Consumption of Distributed Applications

ByGeorges Da Costa, Helmut Hlavacs, Karin Anna Hummel, Jean-Marc Pierson

chapter 30|22 pages

Comparative Study of Runtime Systems for Energy-Aware High-Performance Computing

ByChung-Hsing Hsu, Stephen W. Poole

chapter 31|36 pages

Tool Environments to Measure Power Consumption and Computational Performance

ByTimo Minartz, Daniel Molka, Julian Kunkel, Michael Knobloch, Michael Kuhn, Thomas Ludwig

chapter 32|14 pages

BlueTool: Using a Computing Systems Research Infrastructure Tool to Design and Test Green and Sustainable Data Centers

BySandeep Gupta, Georgios Varsamopoulos, Anna Haywood, Patrick Phelan, Tridib Mukherjee

part |2 pages

PART VII: Software Systems

chapter 33|34 pages

Optimizing Computing and Energy Performances in Heterogeneous Clusters of CPUs and GPUs

ByStephane Vialle, Sylvain Contassot-Vivier, Thomas Jost

chapter 34|22 pages

Energy-Efficient Online Provisioning for HPCWorkloads

ByIvan Rodero, Manish Parashar, Andres Quiroz, Francesc Guim, Stephen W. Poole

chapter 35|18 pages

Exploiting Heterogeneous Computing Systems for Energy Efficiency

ByWei Chen, Young Choon Lee, Albert Y. Zomaya

chapter 37|18 pages

Experience with Autonomic Energy Management Policies for JavaEE Clusters

ByDaniel Hagimont, Laurent Broto, Aeiman Gadafi, Noel Depalma

part |2 pages

PART VIII: Data Centers and Large-Scale Systems

chapter 38|24 pages

Power-Aware Parallel Job Scheduling

ByMaja Etinski, Julita Corbalan, Jesus Labarta

chapter 39|24 pages

Toward Energy-Efficient Web Server Clusters

ByYu Cai, Xinying Zheng

chapter 40|26 pages

Providing a Green Framework for Cloud Data Centers

ByAndrew J. Younge, Gregor von Laszewski, Lizhe Wang and Geoffrey C. Fox

chapter 41|16 pages

Environmentally Opportunistic Computing

ByPaul Brenner, Douglas Thain, Aimee Buccellato, David B. Go

chapter 42|18 pages

Energy-Efficient Data Transfers in Large-Scale Distributed Systems

ByAnne-Cécile Orgerie, Laurent Lefèvre

chapter 43|46 pages

Overview of Data Centers Energy Efficiency Evolution

ByLennart Johnsson

part |2 pages

PART IX: Green Applications

chapter 45|24 pages

GreenGPS-Assisted Vehicular Navigation

ByTarek F. Abdelzaher

chapter 46|20 pages

Energy-Aware Mobile Multimedia Computing

ByJianxin Sun, Dalei Wu, Jiucai Zhang, Xueyi Wang, Song Ci

chapter 47|18 pages

Ultralow-Power Implantable Electronics

BySeetharam Narasimhan, Swarup Bhunia

chapter 48|16 pages

Energy-Adaptive Computing: A New Paradigm for Sustainable IT

ByKrishna Kant

part |2 pages

PART X: Social and Environmental Issues

chapter 49|12 pages

Evolution of Energy Awareness Using an Open Carbon Footprint Calculation Platform

ByFarzana Rahman, Sheikh Iqbal Ahamed, Casey O’Brien, He Zhang, and Lin Liu

chapter 50|14 pages

Understanding and Exploiting User Behavior for Energy Saving

ByVasily G. Moshnyaga

chapter 51|20 pages

Predicting User Behavior for Energy Saving

ByMingsong Bi, Igor Crk, Chris Gniady

chapter 52|19 pages

Toward Sustainable Portable Computing

ByVinod Namboodiri, Siny Joseph