Musa is one of three genera in the family of Musaceae. Over 50 species of Musa exist, including bananas and plantains. This book assembles the latest information on the genomic research of this genus. A group of leading experts in Musa genetics, genomics, and breeding provide basic as well as advanced information for those interested in learning mo

chapter 1|33 pages


ByMichael Pillay, Abdou Tenkouano, Rodomiro Ortiz

chapter 2|22 pages

Classical Genetics and Traditional Breeding in Musa

ByMichael Pillay

chapter 4|21 pages

Molecular Marker Techniques in Musa Genomic Research

ByMichael Pillay, Kaliyaperumal Ashokkumar, Andrew James

chapter 6|7 pages

Mapping and Tagging of Simply Inherited Traits in Musa

ByRodomiro Ortiz

chapter 7|8 pages

Molecular Mapping of Complex Traits

ByRodomiro Ortiz

chapter 8|32 pages

Map-Based Cloning in Musa spp.

ByAndrew James, Rodomiro Ortiz, Robert Miller

chapter 9|25 pages

Functional Genomics and Transcriptomics in Musa and Silvas Jabekumar Prince Kirubarkaran

ByMichael Pillay, Sivalingam Elayabalan, Kaliyaperumal Ashokkumar

chapter 10|13 pages

Proteomics and Metabolomics of Musa

ByHoang Lan Chi Dinh, Peer M. Schenk

chapter 11|23 pages

Role of Bioinformatics as a Tool

ByMathieu Rouard, Sebastien Christian Carpentier, Stephanie Bocs

chapter 15|17 pages

A Case for Molecular Breeding in Musa

ByMichael Pillay, Kaliyaperumal Ashokkumar

chapter 16|23 pages

Conclusion and Prospects in Musa Research

ByMichael Pillay