Virtually every area of research associated with sharks and their relatives has been strongly impacted by the revolutionary growth in technology. The questions we can now ask are very different than those reported even two decades ago. Modern immunological and genetic techniques, satellite telemetry and archival tagging, modern phylogenetic analysi

part |2 pages

Section I Phylogeny and Zoogeography

chapter 1|28 pages

The Origin and Relationships of Early Chondrichthyans

ByEileen D. Grogan, Richard Lund, Emily Greenfest-Allen

chapter 2|26 pages

Elasmobranch Phylogeny: A Mitochondrial Estimate Based on 595 Species

ByGavin J.P. Naylor, Janine N. Caira, Kirsten Jensen, Kerri A.M. Rosana, Nicolas Straube, and Clemens Lakner

chapter 3|40 pages

Phylogeny of Batoidea

ByNeil C. Aschliman, Kerin M. Claeson, John D. McEachran

chapter 4|26 pages

Phylogeny, Biology, and Classification of Extant Holocephalans

ByDominique A. Didier, Jenny M. Kemper, David A. Ebert

part |2 pages

Section II Form, Function, and Physiological Processes

chapter 5|28 pages

Biomechanics of Locomotion in Sharks, Rays, and Chimeras

ByAnabela M.R. Maia, Cheryl A.D. Wilga, and George V. Lauder

chapter 6|58 pages

Prey Capture Behavior and Feeding Mechanics of Elasmobranchs

ByPhilip J. Motta, Daniel R. Huber

chapter 7|28 pages

Energetics, Metabolism, and Endothermy in Sharks and Rays

ByDiego Bernal, John K. Carlson, Kenneth J. Goldman, Christopher G. Lowe

chapter 8|26 pages

Food Consumption and Feeding Habits

ByBradley M. Wetherbee, Enric Cortés, Joseph J. Bizzarro

chapter 9|26 pages

Integrative Multisensor Tagging: Emerging Techniques to Link Elasmobranch Behavior, Physiology, and Ecology

ByNicholas M. Whitney, Yannis P. Papastamatiou, Adrian C. Gleiss

chapter 10|22 pages

Reproductive Biology of Elasmobranchs

ByChristina L. Conrath, John A. Musick

chapter 11|36 pages

Hormonal Regulation of Elasmobranch Physiology

ByJames Gelsleichter, Andrew N. Evans

chapter 12|54 pages

Sensory Physiology and Behavior of Elasmobranchs

ByJayne M. Gardiner, Robert E. Hueter, Karen P. Maruska, Joseph A. Sisneros, Brandon M. Casper, David A. Mann, Leo S. Demski

chapter 13|18 pages

Recent Advances in Elasmobranch Immunology

ByCarl A. Luer, Catherine J. Walsh, Ashby B. Bodine

part |2 pages

Section III Ecology and Life History

chapter 14|30 pages

Assessing the Age and Growth of Chondrichthyan Fishes

ByKenneth J. Goldman, Gregor M. Cailliet, Allen H. Andrews, Lisa J. Natanson

chapter 15|34 pages

Population Dynamics, Demography, and Stock Assessment

ByEnric Cortés, Elizabeth N. Brooks, Todd Gedamke

chapter 16|18 pages

Genetics of Sharks, Skates, and Rays

ByEdward J. Heist

chapter 17|42 pages

Predator–Prey Interactions

ByMichael R. Heithaus, Jeremy J. Vaudo

chapter 18|32 pages

An Updated Look at Elasmobranchs as Hosts of Metazoan Parasites

ByJanine N. Caira, Claire J. Healy, Kirsten Jensen

chapter 19|41 pages

Assessing Habitat Use and Movement

ByColin A. Simpfendorfer, Michelle R. Heupel