The widespread deployment of millions of current and emerging software applications has placed software economic studies among the most critical of any form of business analysis. Unfortunately, a lack of an integrated suite of metrics makes software economic analysis extremely difficult.The International Function Point Users Group (IFPUG), a nonpro

part I|2 pages

Insights from the Experts

part II|2 pages


chapter 3|16 pages

Acquiring External Benchmark Data

ByHeidi Malkiewicz, Lori Mayer

part III|2 pages


chapter 6|24 pages

Effort Estimation for Software Projects

ByMurali Chemuturi

chapter 8|10 pages

An Experience in Estimating Software Testing Effort

ByLuiz Ribeiro

chapter 10|18 pages

Optimism in Cost Estimation

ByRicardo Valerdi

part V|2 pages

Measurement Programs

chapter 13|20 pages

Measurement of Business Intelligence

ByJan-Paul Fillié

chapter 14|16 pages

Case Studies in Measurement-Based Decision Making

ByScott Goldfarb

chapter 15|32 pages

Measurement and Motivation

ByTara Kelly

part VI|2 pages

Metrics for the Cio—Business Value

part VII|2 pages

New Technologies and Environments

chapter 23|16 pages

Cloud Computing Solution Measurement

BySteven Woodward

part VIII|2 pages

Non-Functional and Agile

chapter 24|26 pages

Software Measurement and Agile Development

ByRaymond Boehm

chapter 25|16 pages

Agile Estimation Using Functional Metrics

ByThomas Cagley

chapter 26|30 pages

Software Non-Functional Assessment Process

ByChristine Green, Dan Bradley, Talmon Ben-Cnaan, Wendy Bloomfield, David Garmus, Jalaja Venkat, Steve Chizar, Luca Santillo

part IX|2 pages


chapter 27|14 pages

SOS—Application Quality Issues!

ByPierre Almén

chapter 28|20 pages

Software Measurement and Service Levels

ByBarbara Beech

chapter 29|24 pages

Software Measurement in Procurement Contracts

ByRoberto Meli

chapter 30|24 pages

Request for Proposal Management: Answering Metrics-Based Bids

ByHarold Heeringen

part X|2 pages

Process Improvement

chapter 32|14 pages

A Framework to Implement Statistical Process Control

ByMárcio Silveira

chapter 33|14 pages

Human Performance Improvement: Measuring the Real Change of Process Improvement

BySheila Dennis, Patricia Eglin

chapter 35|12 pages

Process Improvement

BySteve Neuendorf

chapter 36|20 pages

Defects: Perspective on Prevalence and Prevention

ByJoseph Schofield

part XI|2 pages


chapter 38|14 pages

Monitoring Productivity Using Function Points in Various Phases

ByRadhika Srinivas

part XII|2 pages

Project Management