This book includes updated theoretical considerations which provide an insight into avenues of research most likely to result in further improvements in material performance. It details the latest techniques for the preparation of thermoelectric materials employed in energy harvesting, together with advances in the thermoelectric characterisation of nanoscale material. The book reviews the use of neutron beams to investigate phonons, whose behaviour govern the lattice thermal conductivity and includes a chapter on patents.

section 1

General Principles and Theoretical Considerations

chapter 1|12 pages

Transverse Thermoelectric Effects and Their Application

ByH. J. Goldsmid

chapter 2|23 pages

Thermoelectric Induction in Power Generation: Prospects and Proposals

ByL. I. Anatychuk

chapter 4|36 pages

Functionally Graded Thermoelectric Generator and Cooler Elements

ByE. Müller, K. Zabrocki, C. Goupil, G. Jeffrey Snyder, W. Seifert

chapter 8|19 pages

Entropy Flow in Interactive Semiconductor/Metal Nanoensembles

ByDieter M. Gruen

chapter 9|24 pages

Ab Initio-Based Band Engineering and Rational Design of Thermoelectric Materials

ByJiong Yang, Xun Shi, Wenqing Zhang, Lidong Chen, Jihui Yang

chapter 10|22 pages

Band Structure Guidelines for Higher Figure-of-Merit: Analytic Band Generation and Energy Filtering

ByEspen Flage-Larsen, Ole Martin Løvvik

chapter 11|18 pages

Introduction to Modeling Thermoelectric Transport at High Temperatures

ByAndrew F. May, G. Jeffrey Snyder

chapter 13|12 pages

Graphene-Like Exfoliated Quasi-2D Thermoelectric Crystals

ByAlexander A. Balandin

chapter 14|32 pages

The Bottom-Up Approach to Bulk Thermoelectric Materials with Nanoscale Domains

ByAnuja Datta, Adrian Popescu, Lilia Woods, George S. Nolas

section 2|177 pages

Materials Preparation and Measurement

chapter 16|33 pages

High-Performance Nanostructured Thermoelectric Materials Prepared by Melt Spinning and Spark Plasma Sintering

ByXinfeng Tang, Wenjie Xie, Han Li, Baoli Du, Qingjie Zhang, Terry M. Tritt, Ctirad Uher

chapter 17|18 pages

Fabrication Routes for Nanostructured TE Material Architectures

ByMuhammet S. Toprak, Shanghua Li, Mamoun Muhammed

chapter 18|25 pages

Preparation and Thermoelectric Properties of Iron Disilicide

ByYukihiro Isoda, Haruhiko Udono

chapter 22|26 pages

Microchips and Methods for the Characterization of Thermoelectric Transport Properties of Nanostructures

ByFriedemann Völklein, Daniel Huzel, Heiko Reith, Matthias Schmitt

chapter 23|18 pages

Neutron Scattering Investigations of Thermoelectric Materials

ByMogens Christensen

section 3|17 pages


chapter 24|16 pages

Patent Basics Every Researcher and Engineer Should Know

ByRobert M. Hansen