This book chronicles the proceedings of the International Symposium on Apparent and Microscopic Contact Angles, held in conjunction with the American Chemical Society meeting in Boston, August 24--27, 1998. The symposium provided an opportunity to discuss several controversial issues associated with interfacial phenomena that govern the behavior of

part |2 pages

Part 1: Nanoscopic and Molecular Effects on Contact Angles

chapter |14 pages

Nanometer resolution of liquid surface topography by scanning force microscopy

ByA. Fery, T Pompe, S. Herminghaus

chapter |48 pages

Molecular mechanisms of hydrophobic transitions

ByV. V. Yaminsky

chapter |16 pages

Wetting of S1O2 surfaces by phospholipid dispersions

ByL. C. Salay, A. M. Carmona-Ribeiro

chapter |18 pages

Contact angles on quartz induced by adsorption of heteropolar hydrocarbons

ByX. Xie, N. R. Morrow

part |2 pages

Part 2: Surface Forces and Surface Free Energy

part |2 pages

Part 3: Wetting of Heterogeneous, Rough and Curved Surfaces

chapter |16 pages

Underwater captive bubble technique on curved surfaces of blended polydimethylsiloxanes

ByE. A. Angu, R. C. Cameron, S. K. Pollack, W. E. Collins

chapter |14 pages

Estimation of contact angles on fibers

ByG. McHale, S. M. Rowan, M. I. Newton, N. A. Kdb

chapter |28 pages

The combined effect of roughness and heterogeneity on contact angles: the case of polymer coating for stone protection

ByC. Della Volpe, A. Penati, R. Peruzzi, S. Siboni, L. Toniolo, C. Colombo

chapter |16 pages

Wettability of fine solids extracted from bitumen froth

ByF Chen, J. A. Finch, Z. Xu, J. Czarnecki

chapter |14 pages

Modification of calcium carbonate surface properties: macroscopic and microscopic investigations

ByM. Chamerois, M. François, F Villiéras, J. Yvon

chapter |12 pages

Factors influencing contact angle measurements on wood particles by column wicking

ByM. E. P. Wålinder, D. J. Gardner

part |2 pages

Part 4: Dynamic Effects in Contact Angle Measurement

chapter |18 pages

Analysis of evaporating droplets using ellipsoidal cap geometry

ByH. Y. Erbil, G. McHale, S. M. Rowan, M. I. Newton

chapter |10 pages

An acoustic technique for the monitoring of dynamic wetting behavior

ByG. McHale, M. I. Newton, M. K. Banerjee, S. M. Rowan