This book documents the proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Adhesion Measurement of Films and Coatings, held in Newark, NJ, October 25-27, 1999. Since the First Symposium (Boston 1992) there had been considerable activity in devising new, more reliable and more efficient ways to measure adhesion of films and coatings, which resulte

chapter |18 pages

Interface adhesion: Measurement and analysis

ByA.G. Evans

chapter |30 pages

Testing the adhesion of hard coatings including the non-destructive technique of surface acoustic waves

ByH. Ollendorf, T. Schiilke, D. Schneider

chapter |28 pages

Scratch adhesion testing of coated surfaces - Challenges and new directions

ByJ. Meneve, H. Ronkainen, P. Andersson, K. Vercammen, D. Camino, D.G. Teer, J. von Stebut, M.G. Gee, N.M. Jennett, J. Banks, B. Bellaton, E. Matthaei-Schulz and H. Vetters

chapter |24 pages

Can the scratch adhesion test ever be quantitative?

ByS.J. Bull

chapter |10 pages

Characterisation of thin film adhesion with the Nano-Scratch Tester (NST)

ByJ.D. Holbery and R. Consiglio

chapter |18 pages

Scratch adhesion testing of nanophase diamond coatings on industrial substrates

ByF. Davanloo, C.B. Collins and K.J. Koivusaari

chapter |16 pages

Scratch test failure modes and performance of organic coatings for marine applications

ByS.J. Bull, K. Horvathova, I.P. Gilbert, D. Mitchell, R.I. Davidson and J.R. White

chapter |16 pages

Assessment of adhesion reliability for plastic flip-chip packaging

ByX. Dai, M.V. Brillhart and P.S. Ho

chapter |8 pages

Improvement and testing of diamond film adhesion

ByX.C. He, H.S. Shen, Z.M. Zhang, X.J. Hu andX.Q. Yang

chapter |30 pages

Mechanics of the JKR (Johnson-Kendall-Roberts) adhesion test

ByC. Y. Hui, J.M. Baney and Y. Y. Lin

chapter |12 pages

Revisiting bimaterial curvature measurements for CTE of adhesives

ByD.A. Dillard and J.-H. Yu

chapter |11 pages

Raman spectroscopic determination of residual stresses in diamond films

ByQ.H. Fan, J. Gracio and E. Pereira