This book contains the plenary lectures from international experts, which were presented during the International Conference Polymer Networks, held in Moscow, April 1991. The book covers different areas of physics and chemistry of polymer networks, generated by the formation of chemical bonds.

chapter |14 pages

Network formation via end-linking processes

ByPaul Rempp, René Muller, Yves Gnanou

chapter |20 pages

Structure and swelling properties of polymer networks synthesized in solution

ByFerenc Horkay, Erik Geissler, Anne-Marie Hecht, Miklos Zrinyi

chapter |27 pages

Neutron scattering investigation of the deformation at molecular scales in polymer networks

ByJ. Bastide, F. Boué, E. Mendes, F. Zielinski, M. Buzier, G. Beinert, R. Oeser*, C. Lartigue*

chapter |16 pages

Anomalous properties of hypercrosslinked polystyrene networks

ByV.A. Davankov, M.P. Tsyurupa

chapter |16 pages

Physical networks of biopolymers

BySimon B. Ross-Murphy