Fermented food can be produced with inexpensive ingredients and simple techniques and makes a significant contribution to the human diet, especially in rural households and village communities worldwide. Progress in the biological and microbiological sciences involved in the manufacture of these foods has led to commercialization and heightened int

chapter 1|20 pages

- Fermented Plant Products and Their Manufacturing

ByY. H. Hui

chapter 2|12 pages

- Flavors and Food Fermentation

ByShao Quan Liu

chapter 3|14 pages

Fermentation and Biopreservation of Plant- Based Foods with Lactic Acid Bacteria

ByLihua Fan, Lisbeth Truelstrup Hansen

chapter 4|44 pages

- Plant-Based Fermented Foods and Beverages of Asia

ByJyoti Prakash Tamang

chapter 5|10 pages

- Soy Sauce: Typical Aspects of Japanese Shoyu and Indonesian Kecap

ByHanifah Nuryani Lioe, Anton Apriyantono, Masaaki Yasuda

chapter 6|28 pages

- Synbiotic Soy Beverages: Principles and Sensory Attributes

ByOlga Lucía Mondragón-Bernal, Francisco Maugeri Filho, José Guilherme Lembi Ferreira Alves, and Maria Isabel Rodrigues

chapter 7|8 pages

- Thua Nao: A Traditional Thai Fermented Soy Product

ByEkachai Chukeatirote, Katekan Dajanta, Arunee Apichartsrangkoon

chapter 8|26 pages

- Soymilk and Tofu Manufacturing

BySam K. C. Chang, Zhisheng Liu

chapter 9|14 pages

- Sensory Analysis of Fruit and Fermented Fruit Product Flavors

BySoo-Yeun Lee, Lisa Allgeyer, Erika Neely, Joseph Kreger

chapter 10|22 pages

- Wine Fermentation and Production

ByJuan José Rodríguez-Bencomo, M. Ángeles Pozo-Bayón, M. Victoria Moreno-Arribas

chapter 11|8 pages

- Fermentation of Caper Products

ByRubén Pérez Pulido, Nabil Benomar, Magdalena Martínez Cañamero, Hikmate Abriouel, and Antonio Gálvez

chapter 12|28 pages

- Apple Cider Fermentation

chapter 13|12 pages

- Fermentation and Cashew Apple Juice

ByAna Lúcia Fernandes Pereira, Sueli Rodrigues

chapter 14|24 pages

- Production and Characterization of Wine from Mango (Mangifera indica L.) Fruit Juice

ByLebaka Veeranjaneya Reddy, Obulam Vijaya Sarathi Reddy

chapter 15|34 pages

- Stone Fruit: Wine and Brandy

ByVinod Kumar Joshi, Rakesh Sharma, Ghan Shyam Abrol

chapter 16|20 pages

- Fermentation of Olive Fruit

ByFrancisco Noé Arroyo-López, Joaquín Bautista-Gallego, Verónica Romero-Gil, Jose María Baquero, Pedro García-García, Ru™no Jiménez-Díaz, Antonio López- López, Francisco Rodríguez-Gómez, and Antonio Garrido-Fernández

chapter 17|12 pages

- Noni Fruits

ByScot Nelson

chapter 19|10 pages

Vegetable Fermentation with Economical Signi™cance in South America: Use of Ensilage as a Probiotic Vehicle

ByMario Eduardo Arena, Ana Lidia Apás, Silvia Nelina González

chapter 20|12 pages

- Fermented Red Beet Juice

ByZsolt Zalán, Anna Halász, Ágnes Baráth

chapter 21|22 pages

Health Bene™ts of Fermented Vegetable Juices

ByMarica Rakin, Maja Vukašinović Sekulić, Ljiljana Mojović

chapter 22|12 pages

- Almagro Eggplant: From Homemade Tradition to Small-Scale Industry

BySusana Seseña, María Llanos Palop

chapter 23|16 pages

- Olives in Commerce in the United States

ByY. H. Hui

chapter 26|14 pages

- Mexican Jalapeño Pepper: Properties, Manufacture, and Flavor

ByKarendash González-Quijano, Lidia Parada-Dorantes, Lidia Dorantes-Alvarez, Humberto Hernández-Sánchez, and M. Eugenia Jaramillo-Flores

chapter 27|16 pages

- Fermented Bread

ByWeibiao Zhou, Nantawan Therdthai

chapter 28|24 pages

- Sourdough Bread

ByÅse Solvej Hansen

chapter 29|10 pages

- Liquid Sourdough Fermentation

ByPaola Carnevali, Fabio Minervini, Aldo Corsetti

chapter 30|6 pages

- Chinese Fermented Rice Noodles

ByYong Yang

chapter 31|10 pages

- Boza: A Traditional Cereal-Based, Fermented Turkish Beverage

BySirma Yegin, Marcelo Fernández-Lahore

chapter 33|8 pages

- Whiskey Manufacture

ByY. H. Hui

chapter 36|22 pages

Traditional Balsamic Vinegar: A Microbiological Overview

ByLisa Solieri, Maria Gullo, Paolo Giudici

chapter 37|8 pages

- Palm Wine

ByMaurizio Ciani, Marzia Stringini, Francesca Comitini

chapter 38|10 pages

- Brazilian Cachaça: Fermentation and Production

ByFernanda Badotti, Fátima C. O. Gomes, Carlos A. Rosa

chapter 39|8 pages

- Brick Tea

ByHaizhen Mo, Xinhong Liang

chapter 40|8 pages

- Shalgam (Şalgam)

ByHuseyin Erten, Hasan Tanguler

chapter 41|12 pages

- Fermented Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil

ByAzila Abdul Aziz, Ramlan Aziz, Muhammad Roji Sarmidi, Chua Lee Suan, Nur Arbainah Shamsul Annuar, Norhayati Mohamed Noor, and Norfarahiyah Aman Nor

chapter 42|14 pages

- Coffee Fermentation

chapter 43|16 pages

- Pulque Fermentation

ByAdelfo Escalante, Martha Giles-Gómez, Guadalupe Esquivel Flores, Violeta Matus Acuña, Rubén Moreno-Terrazas, Agustín López-Munguía, and Patricia Lappe-Oliveras

chapter 44|24 pages

- Probiotic Nondairy Beverages

ByCarlos Ricardo Soccol, Juliano De Dea Lindner, Caroline Tiemi Yamaguishi, Michele Rigon Spier, Luciana Porto de Souza Vandenberghe, and Vanete Thomaz Soccol

chapter 45|26 pages

- Fresh and Fermented Vegetables as a Source of Proteolytic Bacteria

ByCatalina Elena Kotlar, María Victoria Agüero, Alejandra Graciela Ponce, Olinda Pérez Borla, and Sara I. Roura

chapter 46|14 pages

- Soymilk Fermentation and Enzymes Production

ByMarisa S. Garro and Graciela Savoy de Giori