The collection of articles in this book offers a penetrating shaft into the still burgeoning subject of light propagation and localization in photonic crystals and disordered media. While the subject has its origins in physics, it has broad significance and applicability in disciplines such as engineering, chemistry, mathematics, and medicine. Unli

chapter 1|6 pages

- Introduction

BySajeev John

chapter 2|14 pages

- Optical Properties of One-Dimensional Disordered Photonic Structures

ByMikhail V. Rybin, Mikhail F. Limonov, Alexander B. Khanikaev, Costas M. Soukoulis

chapter 2|16 pages

- Propagation and Localization of Light in Two-Dimensional Photonic Crystals

ByMikhail A. Kaliteevski, Stuart Brand, Richard A. Abram

chapter 2|16 pages

- Modeling the Optical Response of Three-Dimensional Disordered Structures Using the Korringa–Kohn–Rostoker Method

ByGabriel Lozano, Hernán Míguez, Luis A. Dorado, Ricardo A. Depine

chapter 2|32 pages

- Anderson Localization of Light in Layered Dielectric Structures

ByYury Bliokh, Konstantin Y. Bliokh, Valentin Freilikher, Franco Nori

chapter 2|44 pages

- The Disorder Problem for Slow-Light Photonic Crystal Waveguides

ByMark Patterson, Stephen Hughes

chapter 3|20 pages

- Quasicrystalline Photonic Structures: Between Order and Disorder

ByAlexander N. Poddubny, Eugeniyus L. Ivchenko

chapter 3|20 pages

- Multicomponent Photonic Crystals with Inhomogeneous Scatterers

ByAlexander B. Khanikaev, Mikhail V. Rybin, Mikhail F. Limonov

chapter 3|26 pages

- Anderson Localization of Light: Disorder-Induced Linear, Nonlinear, and Quantum Phenomena

ByYoav Lahini, Tal Schwartz, Yaron Silberberg, Mordechai Segev

chapter 3|16 pages

- Optical Spectroscopy of Real Three-Dimensional Self-Assembled Photonic Crystals

ByJuan F. Galisteo López, Cefe López

chapter 3|14 pages

- Photonic Glasses: Fabrication and Optical Properties

ByPedro David Garcia-Fernández, Diederik S. Wiersma, Cefe López

chapter 3|22 pages

- Superdiffusion of Light in Lévy Glasses

ByKevin Vynck, Jacopo Bertolotti, Pierre Barthelemy, Diederik S. Wiersma

chapter 4|26 pages

- Optical Properties of Low-Contrast Opal-Based Photonic Crystals

ByAlexander A. Kaplyanskii, Alexander V. Baryshev, Mikhail V. Rybin, Alexander V. Sel’kin, and Mikhail F. Limonov

chapter 4|26 pages

- Light and Small-Angle X-Ray Diffraction from Opal-Like Structures: Transition from Two- to Three-Dimensional Regimes and Effects of Disorder

ByAnton K. Samusev, Kirill B. Samusev, Ivan S. Sinev, Mikhail V. Rybin, Mikhail F. Limonov, Natalia A. Grigoryeva, Sergey V. Grigoriev, Andrei V. Petukhov

chapter 4|22 pages

- Interplay of Order and Disorder in the High-Energy Optical Response of Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals

ByGabriel Lozano, Hernán Míguez, Luis A. Dorado, Ricardo A. Depine

chapter 4|20 pages

- Opal-Based Hypersonic Crystals

ByAndrey V. Akimov, Alexander B. Pevtsov

chapter 4|18 pages

- Strong Light Confinement by Perturbed Photonic Crystals and Photonic Amorphous Structures

ByKeiichi Edagawa, Masaya Notomi

chapter 4|18 pages

- Nonlinear Optics in Silicon Photonic Crystal Nanocavities

ByLucio Claudio Andreani, Paolo Andrich, Matteo Galli, Dario Gerace, Liam O’Faolain, and Thomas F. Krauss

chapter 4|16 pages

- Random Lasing Highlighted by π-Conjugated Polymer Films

ByRandy C. Polson, Z. Valy Vardeny

chapter 4|14 pages

- Ultrafast All-Optical Switching in Photonic Crystals

ByValery G. Golubev

chapter 5|16 pages

- Resonant Light Scattering in Photonic Devices: Role of Defects

ByAndrey E. Miroshnichenko, Yuri S. Kivshar

chapter 5|24 pages

- Structural Features and Related Optical Responses of Magnetophotonic Crystals

ByMitsuteru Inoue, Alexander V. Baryshev, Alexander M. Merzlikin, Hironaga Uchida

chapter 5|18 pages

- Inhomogeneous Hybrid Metal–Dielectric Plasmonic–Photonic Crystals

BySergei G. Romanov

chapter 5|22 pages

- Light Propagation in Photonic Crystals Infiltrated with Fluorescent Quantum Dots or Liquid Crystal: Different Dimensionality Analysis

ByRabia Moussa, Alexander Kuznetsov, Ryotaro Ozaki, Anvar A. Zakhidov