Desktop Grid Computing presents common techniques used in numerous models, algorithms, and tools developed during the last decade to implement desktop grid computing. These techniques enable the solution of many important sub-problems for middleware design, including scheduling, data management, security, load balancing, result certification, and f

part I|2 pages

I The Birth

chapter 1|26 pages

Volunteer Computing and BOINC

ByDavid Anderson

chapter 2|24 pages

Open, Scalable and Self-Regulated Federations of Desktop Grids with OurGrid

ByFrancisco Brasileiro, Nazareno Andrade

chapter 3|26 pages

The XtremWebCH Volunteer Computing Platform

ByNabil Abdennadher, Marko Niinimaki, and Mohamed BenBelgacem

chapter 5|24 pages

A Volunteer Computing Platform Experience for Neuromuscular Disease Problems

ByNicolas Bard, Viktors Bertis, Raphae¨l Bolze, and Fre´de´ric Desprez

chapter 6|28 pages

How to Work with XtremWeb, Condor, BOINC on Top of BonjourGrid

ByChristophe Ce´rin, Heithem Abbes, and Walid Saad

chapter 7|14 pages

How to Work with PastryGrid

ByChristophe Ce´rin and Heithem Abbes

part II|2 pages

II Maturity and Beyond

chapter 8|24 pages

Challenges in Designing Scheduling Policies in Volunteer Computing

ByTrilce Estrada, Michela Taufer

chapter 9|20 pages

Modeling and Optimizing Availability of Non-Dedicated Resources

ByResources Artur Andrzejak, Derrick Kondo

chapter 10|26 pages

Security and Result Certification

ByFilipe Araujo and Patr´ıcio Domingues

chapter 11|24 pages

Data-Intensive Computing on Desktop Grids

ByHeshan Lin, Gilles Fedak, Wu-Chun Feng

chapter 12|26 pages

Roles of Desktop Grids in Hybrid Distributed Computing Infrastructures

BySimon Delamare, Gilles Fedak

chapter 13|22 pages

Supporting Web 2.0 Communities by Volunteer Desktop Grids

ByPeter Kacsuk, Attila Marosi, Lovas Robert, Jozsef Kovacs

chapter 14|24 pages

Programming Applications for Desktop Grids

ByTamas Kiss, Gabor Terstyanszky

chapter 15|25 pages

Network Awareness in Volunteer Networks

ByJon B. Weissman, Jinoh Kim