The book is devoted to kinetics and thermodynamics of the processes with participation of some biological compounds and their synthetic analogues. Aspects of their acting as model enzymes, molecular receptors, photo sensitizers, pharmocophores, and biopharmaceutical compounds are under consideration. Quantitative characteristics of transfer of cati

chapter 1|40 pages

Synthetic and Natural Bacteriochlorins: Synthesis, Properties and Applications

ByM.A. Grin and A.F. Mironov

chapter 2|48 pages

meso-Phenylporphyrins as Synthetic Models of Natural Porphyrins: Synthesis and Modification

ByA.S. Semeykin, S.A. Syrbu and O.I. Koifman

chapter 3|24 pages

The Mechanism of Catalytic Action of the Coordination Centres of Catalase Synthetic Models

ByT.N. Lomova, M.E. Klyueva and M.V. Klyuev

chapter 4|52 pages

Complexation of Porphyrins with Ions and Organic Molecules

ByN.Zh. Mamardashvili, V.V. Borovkov, G.M. Mamardashvili, Y. Inoueand O.I. Koifman

chapter 5|50 pages

Chemical Activation of Porphyrins in Coordination Core Reactions

ByD.B. Berezin and B.D. Berezin

chapter 6|52 pages

Synthesis, Structure Peculiarities and Biological Properties of Macroheterocyclic Compounds

ByM.K. Islyaikin, E.A. Danilova, Yu.V. Romanenko, O.G. Khelevina and T.N. Lomova

chapter 8|36 pages

Solvation of Drugs as a Key for Understanding Partitioning and Passive Transport Exemplified by NSAIDs

ByGerman L. Perlovich, Annette Bauer-Brandl

chapter 9|14 pages

Biodamage of Materials: Adhesion of Microorganisms on the Surface of Materials

ByK.Z. Gumargalieva, I.G. Kalinina, S.A. Semenov and G.E. Zaikov

chapter 10|8 pages

Controlled Release of Aseptic Drug from Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) Films: A Combination of Diffusion and Zero-order Kinetics

ByR.Y. Kosenko, Y.N. Pankova, A.L. Iordanskii, A.P. Bonartsev, and G.E. Zaikov

chapter 11|12 pages

Transport of Water as a Structurally Sensitive Process Characterizing the Morphology of Biodegradable Polymer Systems

ByA.L. Iordanskii, Yu.N. Pankova, R.Yu. Kosenko, A.A. Ol’khov and G.E. Zaikov

chapter 12|14 pages

A Novel Technique for Measurement of Electrospun Nanofiber

ByM. Ziabari, V. Mottaghitalab and A.K. Haghi

chapter 13|16 pages

Image Analysis of Pore Size Distribution in Electrospun Nanofiber Webs: New Trends and Developments

ByM. Ziabari, V. Mottaghitalab and A.K. Haghi

chapter 14|33 pages


ByA.K. Haghi and R.K. Haghi