Most textbooks explain quantum mechanics as a story where each step follows naturally from the one preceding it. However, the development of quantum mechanics was exactly the opposite. It was a zigzagging route full of personal disputes where scientists were forced to abandon well-established classical concepts and to explore new and imaginative ro

chapter |14 pages


chapter 2|40 pages

Hydrogen Photoionization with Strong Lasers

ByAlbert Benseny, Antonio Pico´n, Jordi Mompart, Luis Plaja, and Luis Roso

chapter 5|72 pages

Adaptive QuantumMonte Carlo Approach States for High-Dimensional Systems

ByEric R. Bittner, Donald J. Kouri, Sean Derrickson, Jeremy B. Maddox

chapter 6|50 pages

Nanoelectronics: Quantum Electron Transport

ByAlfonso Alarco´n, Guillem Albareda, Fabio Lorenzo Traversa, and Xavier Oriols

chapter 7|30 pages

Beyond the Eikonal Approximation in Classical Optics and Quantum Physics

ByAdriano Orefice, Raffaele Giovanelli, Domenico Ditto

chapter 8|52 pages

Relativistic QuantumMechanics and Quantum Field

ByTheory Hrvoje Nikolic´

chapter 9|71 pages

Subquantum Accelerating Universe

ByPedro F. Gonza´lez-Dı´az and Alberto Rozas-Ferna´ndez