This book delivers a wealth of information on changes in flood risk in Europe, and considers causes for change. The temporal coverage is mostly focused on post-1900 events, reflecting the typical availability of data, but some information on earlier flood events is also included.

chapter 1|7 pages


ByZbigniew W. Kundzewic

part I|1 pages

Facets of Change

chapter 2|16 pages

Changes in Flood Risk – Setting the Stage

ByZbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Erich J. Plate, Harvey J. E. Rodda, John C. Rodda, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, Witold G. Strupczewski

chapter 3|28 pages

Catalogue of Large Floods in Europe in the 20th Century

ByAdam Choryński, Iwona Pińskwar, Wolfgang Kron, G. Robert Brakenridge, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

chapter 4|28 pages

Large-scale Flooding in Europe, 1961–2005

ByChristel Prudhomme, Simon Parry, Marie Genevier, Jamie Hannaford, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

chapter 5|14 pages

Changing Floods in Europe

ByIwona Pińskwar, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Pascal Peduzzi, G. Robert Brakenridge, Kerstin Stahl, Jamie Hannaford

chapter 6|24 pages

Changes in Intense Precipitation in Europe

ByOlga Zolina

chapter 7|46 pages

Historical Floods in Europe in the Past Millennium

ByRudolf Brázdil, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Gerardo Benito, Gaston Demarée, Neil Macdonald, Lars A. Roald

part II|1 pages

National and Regional Perspectives on Floods

chapter 8|9 pages

Floods in Austria

ByGünter Blöschl, Ralf Merz, Juraj Parajka, José Salinas, Alberto Viglione

chapter 9|21 pages

Floods in the Czech Republic

ByR. Brázdil, L. Řezníčková, M. Havlíček, L. Elleder

chapter 10|13 pages

Floods in France

ByIgnazio Giuntoli, Benjamin Renard, Michel Lang

chapter 11|26 pages

Flood Risk from a Holistic Perspective – Observed Changes in Germany

ByFred F. Hattermann, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Shaochun Huang, Tobias Vetter, Wolfgang Kron, Olaf Burghoff, Bruno Merz, Axel Bronstert, Valentina Krysanova, Friedrich-Wilhelm Gerstengarbe, Peter Werner, Ylva Hauf

chapter 12|19 pages

Floods in Greece

ByD. Koutsoyiannis, N. Mamassis, A. Efstratiadis, N. Zarkadoulas, I. Markonis

chapter 13|20 pages

Floods in Iceland

ByÁrni Snorrason, Bergur Einarsson, Emmanuel Pagneux, Jórunn Harđardðttir, Matthew J. Roberts, Oddur Sigurðsson, Óðinn Thórarinsson, Philippe Crochet, Tómas Jóhannesson, Thorsteinn Thorsteinsson

chapter 14|16 pages

Flood Risk in Italy

ByPaola Salvati, Cinzia Bianchi, Mauro Rossi, Fausto Guzzetti

chapter 15|11 pages

Floods in The Netherlands

ByJ. K. Vrijling

chapter 16|15 pages

Floods in Norway

ByLars Andreas Roald

chapter 17|16 pages

Floods in Poland

ByZbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Andrzej Dobrowolski, Halina Lorenc, Tadeusz Niedźwiedź, Iwona Pińskwar, Piotr Kowalczak

chapter 18|9 pages

Floods in Switzerland

ByPetra Schmocker-Fackel, Felix Naef

chapter 19|18 pages

Flood Risk in the UK: Evidence of Change and Management Responses

ByJamie Hannaford, Jim W. Hall

chapter 20|10 pages

Floods in the Alpine Areas of Europe

ByAntoine Bard, Benjamin Renard, Michel Lang

chapter 21|12 pages

Floods in the Iberian Peninsula

ByGerardo Benito, Maria J. Machado

part III|1 pages

Detection and Attribution of Change, and Prospects

chapter 22|22 pages

Detection of Changes

BySheng Yue, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Linghui Wang

chapter 23|13 pages

Detection and Attribution of Climate Change and Its Impacts

ByZbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Wolfgang Cramer

chapter 24|13 pages

Detection and Attribution of Changes in Water Resources

ByDieter Gerten, Wolfgang Lucht, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz

chapter Chapter 25|24 pages

Detection and Attribution of Changes in Flood Hazard and Risk

ByBruno Merz, Zbigniew W. Kundzewicz, Jose Delgado, Yeshewa Hundecha, Heidi Kreibich

chapter 26|32 pages

Changing Flood Risk – A Re-insurer’s Viewpoint

ByWolfgang Kron

chapter 27|21 pages

Projections of Flood Risk in Europe

ByChristel Prudhomme, Jennifer Williamson, Simon Parry, Jamie Hannaford