This title analyzes contemporary trends and tools that affect how information is created, stored, discovered and used in a progressive technological environment. It presents a framework for librarians to tailor their services and resources, in-house expertise and organizational identities to provide an efficient and effective community of learning

chapter 2|14 pages

The Internet, Scholarly Communication, and Collaborative Research

ByRosemary L. Meszaros

chapter 4|26 pages

Integrating Metadata Frameworks into Library Description

ByWilliam Fietzer

chapter 5|30 pages

Technology’s Impact on Research and Publication in the Natural Sciences

ByDavid P. Atkins, Flora G. Shrode

chapter 6|22 pages

Electronic Text Encoding in the Humanities

ByPerry Willett

chapter 7|14 pages

Visual Resources Collections and Technology

ByTechnology Paula Hardin

chapter 8|22 pages

An Introduction to Geographic Information Systems

BySystems Farrell W. Jones

chapter 9|14 pages

Social Science Data and the Digital Library

ByWendy L. Thomas