Stringent demands on modern guided weapon systems require new approaches to guidance, control, and estimation. There are requirements for pinpoint accuracy, low cost per round, easy upgrade paths, enhanced performance in counter-measure environments, and the ability to track low-observable targets. Advances in Missile Guidance, Control, and Estimat

chapter 1|32 pages

Robust Autopilot Design for Quasilinear Parameter-Varying Missile Model

ByAntonios Tsourdos, Brian A. White

chapter 2|44 pages

Polynomial Approach for Design and Robust Analysis of Lateral Missile Control

ByAntonios Tsourdos, Brian A. White, L. Bruyere

chapter 3|52 pages

Control Design and Gain Scheduling Using Observer-Based Structures

ByDaniel Alazard

chapter 4|28 pages

Adaptive Neural Network–Based Autopilot Design

ByKarthikeyan Rajagopal, S. N. Balakrishnan

chapter 5|38 pages

Integrated Guidance and Control for Missiles

ByNathan Harl, Michael Dancer, S. N. Balakrishnan, Ernest J. Ohlmeyer, C. Phillips

chapter 6|46 pages

Higher-Order Sliding Modes for Missile Guidance and Control

ByYuri B. Shtessel, Christian H. Tournes

chapter 7|32 pages

Neoclassical Missile Guidance

ByPini Gurfil

chapter 8|34 pages

Differential Geometry Applied to Missile Guidance

ByBrian A. White, Antonios Tsourdos

chapter 9|36 pages

Differential Game-Based Interceptor Missile Guidance

ByJosef Shinar, Tal Shima

chapter 10|54 pages

Optimal Guidance Laws with Impact Angle Control

ByChang-Kyung Ryoo, Min-Jea Tahk, Hangju Cho

chapter 11|40 pages

Integrated Design of Estimator and Guidance Law

ByJosef Shinar, Tal Shima

chapter 12|40 pages

Introduction to Particle Filters for Tracking and Guidance

ByDavid Salmond

chapter 13|50 pages

Practical Techniques for the Design of Multirate Digital Guidance Laws and Autopilots

ByC. A. Rabbath, N. Léchevin, M. Lauzon

chapter 14|60 pages

Design of CLOS Guidance System

ByG. Hexner, H. Weiss

chapter 15|76 pages

Practical Considerations in Robust Control of Missiles

ByKevin A. Wise