This volume covers the use of ergonomics modeling and on the evaluation of usability, which is a critical aspect of any human-technology system. It will provide new training methods that enhance performance, expand capabilities, and optimize the fit between people and technology.

part Section I|51 pages

Devices and Their User Interfaces

part Section II|330 pages

User Studies

chapter Chapter 25|10 pages

Cognitive Performance and Age

chapter Chapter 26|11 pages

An Attempt to Model Three-dimensional Arm Movement Time

Effects of Movement Distance, Approach Angle to Target and Movement Direction

chapter Chapter 36|7 pages

Work Posture Assessment of Computer Users using CARULA

(Computer Aided Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)

part Section III|284 pages

Product Design and Evaluation

chapter Chapter 55|10 pages

Usability of Automotive Integrated Switch System using Face Direction

- Comparison of Usability between Integrated Switch System Using Face Directions and Traditional Touch-Panel Switch System -