This volume covers the use of ergonomics modeling and on the evaluation of usability, which is a critical aspect of any human-technology system. It will provide new training methods that enhance performance, expand capabilities, and optimize the fit between people and technology.

part Section I|51 pages

Devices and Their User Interfaces

chapter Chapter 1|10 pages

Improving Small Visual Displays for Low Vision Users

ByMorgan Blubaugh, Mark Uslan, Caesar Eghtesadi

chapter Chapter 2|10 pages

Design of Steering Torque Feedback in a Fixed-base Driving Simulator and Its Validation

ByDe-Yu Wang, MA Liang

chapter Chapter 4|9 pages

Study of the Relation “Action and Command” to the Interior of an Automobile

ByCaio Márcio Almeida e Silva, Maria Lúcia Leite Ribeiro Okimoto, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli

chapter Chapter 5|10 pages

Empirical Investigation of Conflict and Interference within Haptic Controlled Human-Excavator Interface

ByBenjamin Osafo-Yeboah, Steven Jiang

part Section II|330 pages

User Studies

chapter Chapter 6|10 pages

Relationship among Fall-Related Self-Efficacy, Activities of Daily Living and Fall Risk in the Elderly

ByChien-Lung Chan, Shao-Sung Huang, Nan-Ping Yang, Wan-Yu Chen

chapter Chapter 7|11 pages

Accident Characteristics and Safety Measures for Aging Workers in Korea

ByChan-O Kim, Hyoung-Jun Choi, Dong-Won Choi

chapter Chapter 8|10 pages

Multi-scale Entropy Analysis for Evaluating the Balance of the Flatfeet

ByTsui-Chiao Chao, Bernard C. Jiang

chapter Chapter 9|11 pages

Academics, Life Experiences, and Symptoms of ADHD and ODD

ByValerie J. Rice, Louis Banderet, Donna Merullo, Gary Boykin

chapter Chapter 10|12 pages

Age Differences in Postural Strategies for Low Forward Reach

ByMahiyar F. Nasarwanji, Victor L. Paquet, Edward Steinfeld

chapter Chapter 11|10 pages

An Application of Ballistic Movement Models for Comparing Ageing Differences While Interacting with a Touchscreen

ByRay F. Lin, Shin-Wen Shih, Bernard C. Jiang

chapter Chapter 12|11 pages

The Impact of Soldiers' Age on Balance

ByGary L. Boykin, Valerie J. Rice, Petra E. Alfred

chapter Chapter 17|10 pages

Usability in the Opening of Soft Drinks Packagings: Age Influence in Biomechanical Forces

ByDanilo Corrêa Silva, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli

chapter Chapter 18|10 pages

Laterality and Usability: Biomechanical Aspects in Prehension Strength

ByLuis Carlos Paschoarelli, Bruno Montanari Razza, Cristina do Carmo Lúcio, José Alfredo Covolan Ulson, Danilo Corrêa Silva

chapter Chapter 20|10 pages

Ergonomics and the Environment for the Elderly

ByMarie Paiva, Vilma Villarouco, Nicole Ferrer, Mariana Oliveira

chapter Chapter 21|10 pages

(Less than) Perfect Aging

ByNg Yuwen Stella, John Brian Peacock, Tan Kay Chuan

chapter Chapter 22|10 pages

A Comparison Study of the Effects on Road Crossing Behavior between Normal and Parkinson Disease

ByYang-Kun Ou, Chin-Hsien Lin, Yung-Ching Liu

chapter Chapter 23|11 pages

Glare Sensitivity of Pilots with Different Ages and Its Effects on Visual Performance of Nighttime Flying

ByYihong Liu, Mengdi Dong, Yaojie Sun, Yandan Lin

chapter Chapter 25|10 pages

Cognitive Performance and Age

ByPetra Alfred, Valerie J. Rice

chapter Chapter 26|11 pages

An Attempt to Model Three-dimensional Arm Movement Time

Effects of Movement Distance, Approach Angle to Target and Movement Direction
ByAtsuo Murata, Takanori Akiyama, Takehito Hayami

chapter Chapter 27|9 pages

Workplace Solutions for Elderly Workers

ByV. Melcher, H. Widlroither, V. Brückner

chapter Chapter 28|10 pages

Survey Report of Recent Researches on Usability Evaluation for Elderly People in Japan

ByTomokazu Shimada, Michiko Ohkura

chapter Chapter 29|10 pages

Upper Extremity Interaction Modeling for Persons with Advanced Osteoarthritis

ByDavid J. Feathers

chapter Chapter 30|10 pages

Ergonomic Analysis to Support Surgery-Averse Individuals that Live with Chronic Pain

ByDavid J. Feathers

chapter Chapter 31|9 pages

Digital Tablets as a Tool for Digital Inclusion of Elderly People

ByRosana Gonçales Oliveira Rocha, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, João Roberto Gomes Faria

chapter Chapter 32|10 pages

Comparing Muscle Activity and Younger and Older Users' Perceptions of Comfort When Using Sheet Switches for Electrical Appliances

ByYasuhiro Tanaka, Yuka Yamazaki, Masahiko Sakata, Miwa Nakanishi

chapter Chapter 33|10 pages

Anthropometric Lot Sizing of Garments

ByDenis A. Coelho, Isabel L. Nunes

chapter Chapter 34|8 pages

A Study on Development of the Korean Stress Model for Industrial Accident Prevention -Focused on the Married Workers-

ByYoungsig Kang, Sunghwan Yang, Taegu Kim

chapter Chapter 35|6 pages

Study the Variability of Anthropometric Measurements of Women's Feet Laser

ByEdmilson Gabriel de Lima, Francisco A. da Luz Olle, Okimoto Maria Lucia L.R.

chapter Chapter 36|7 pages

Work Posture Assessment of Computer Users using CARULA

(Computer Aided Rapid Upper Limb Assessment)
ByLakhwinder Pal Singh, Amanpreet Singh, Supreet Kaur

chapter Chapter 37|10 pages

Factors That Lead to an Early Decline of Road Traffic Fatalities in China

ByDe-Yu Wang, Wei Zhang

chapter Chapter 38|8 pages

The Effect on Physiology from Different LED Lighting

ByChih-Ling Huang, Chih-Wei Lu, Chun-Yuh Yang, Hsiao-Wen Tu, Chun-Hsing Lee, Ya-Hui Chiang, Hung-Lieh Hu

chapter Chapter 39|9 pages

Effects of Evening LED Lighting of Different CS/P on Human Subjective and Objective Perceptions

ByHsiao-Wen Tu, Chun-Hsing Lee, Hsiang-Chi Chung, Ya-Hui Chiang, Hung-Lieh Hu, Mu-Tao Chu, Chih-Ling Huang, Chih-Wei Lu

part Section III|284 pages

Product Design and Evaluation

chapter Chapter 40|2 pages

An Analysis Framework of User Oriented Systems for Call Center Services in Telecommunication

ByAn-Che Chen, Hau-Wei Huang

chapter Chapter 41|2 pages

Investigating the Interface Usability of Bluetooth Earphone Controls

ByAn-Che Chen, Yi-Hsiang Su, Chen-Chih Chen

chapter Chapter 42|10 pages

Evaluation of Grip Strength in Children: the Ergonomic Design Used in the Development of Secure Lids for Packaging

ByLuis Carlos Paschoarelli, Laura Schaer Dahrouj

chapter Chapter 43|10 pages

Perception of Products by Different Levels of Integration: A Study with Pruning Shears

ByLívia Flávia de Albuquerque Campos, Jamille Noretza de Lima Lanutti, Liara Mucio de Mattos, Douglas Daniel Pereira, Elen Sayuri Inokuti, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli

chapter Chapter 44|10 pages

Evaluation of Manual Torque Forces in Simulated Activities with Brazilian Adults of Different Genders and Age Groups: Ergonomic Design of Faucets

ByLívia Flávia de Albuquerque Campos, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli

chapter Chapter 45|9 pages

An Ergonomic Look at the Open Plan Office

ByAna Paula Lima Costa, Vilma Villarouco

chapter Chapter 46|10 pages

Pulling Strength with Pinch Grips: A Variable for Product Design

ByBruno Montanari Razza, Luis Carlos Paschoarelli, Danilo Corrêa Silva, José Alfredo Covolan Ulson, Cristina do Carmo Lucio

chapter Chapter 47|10 pages

Evaluation of an Interactive Graphic Interface for Mobile Financial Services

ByYa-Li Lin, Huei-Ting Yang

chapter Chapter 49|8 pages

The First Time We Never Forget: Product Evaluation in the Context of First Usage

ByCaio Márcio Almeida e Silva, Maria Lúcia Okimoto

chapter Chapter 50|10 pages

Parameters for Evaluating the Usability of the Platform Lift

ByCristiana Miranda, Maria Lúcia Ribeiro Leite Okimoto, Caio Marcio, Almeida e Silva

chapter Chapter 51|10 pages

Usability Testing as a Systematic Tool for Product Performance Valuation During Design Process of an Ischial Support

ByLuz Mercedes Sáenz, Andrés Valencia

chapter Chapter 52|14 pages

The Development of a Device Selection Model for Wireless Computing Devices in High Consequence Emergency Management

ByPamela Bush, Susan Gaines, Arturo Watlington, Mohammed Jeelani, Lewellyn Curling, Phillip Armbrister

chapter Chapter 53|10 pages

Assessment Tests for Mattresses and Pillows as Tools of the Ergonomic Conditions Diagnosis

ByLuz Mercedes Sáenz, Ana María Lotero, L. Martha. Arias De, Emilio Cadavid

chapter Chapter 54|10 pages

Usage Problems and Improvement Needs of the Clinical Upper Extremity Rehabilitation Devices in Taiwan: A Pilot Study

ByHuang Lan-Ling, Lee Chang-Franw, Chen Mei-Hsiang

chapter Chapter 55|10 pages

Usability of Automotive Integrated Switch System using Face Direction

- Comparison of Usability between Integrated Switch System Using Face Directions and Traditional Touch-Panel Switch System -
ByAtsuo Murata, Makoto Moriwaka, Takuya Endoh, Takehito Hayami, Shinsuke Ueda, Akio Takahashi

chapter Chapter 56|10 pages

Effects of Automotive Switch Type and Location on Usability and Visual Time off Road

ByAtsuo Murata, Makoto Moriwaka, Takehito Hayami

chapter 57|9 pages

Development of Similarity Measures by Extracting Design Features of a Shoe Last

ByKazumasa Nozawa, Yoitsu Tahakashi, Yukio Fukui, Jun Mitani, Yoshihiro Kanamori

chapter 58|10 pages

Design and Assessment of Digital Drawing System for Children Gesture Movement with Visual Interface Feedback

ByFong-Gong Wu, Ya-San Fong, Chien-Hsu Chen

chapter 59|10 pages

An Evaluation Tool the Subject / the Pointing Device Pair

ByFrédéric Vella, Damien Sauzin, Nadine Vigouroux

chapter 60|8 pages

Effects of Seat and Handgrips Adjustments on a Hand Bike Vehicle. An Ergonomic and Aerodynamic Study for a Quantitative Assessment of Paralympics Athlete's performance

ByMarco Mazzola, Giuseppe Andreoni, Gabriele Campanardi, Fiammetta Costa, Giuseppe Gibertini, Donato Grassi, Maximiliano Romero

chapter 61|10 pages

Ergonomics and Design as Tools on the Risk Management

ByDébora Ferro, Laura Martins

chapter 62|10 pages

Design a Force Platform for Measuring Center of Pressure (COP) Signal

ByPei-Der Sue, Cheng-Wei Huang, Yuan-Jang Jiang, Jiann-Shing Shieh, Bernard C. Jiang

chapter 63|10 pages

Ergonomics and Inclusivity Present in the Visual Communication Design Project

ByFernando Moreira da Silva

chapter 64|10 pages

Glazed Tile Surfaces as Perceptual Cues in Space Recognition and Urban Design

ByCarla Lobo, Fernando Moreira da Silva

chapter 65|10 pages

Breast Design: The Role of Ergonomic Underwear during Lifetime

ByA. B. Filipe, G. Montagna, C Carvalho, F. Moreira da Silva

chapter 66|10 pages

The Importance of Integrating Perceived Affordances and Hazard Perception in Package Design

ByAyanoğlu Hande, Emília Duarte, Paulo Noriega, Luís Teixeira, Francisco Rebelo

chapter 67|10 pages

A Case Study of Creating Public Space for People with Disabilities

ByJoanna Bartnicka, Agnieszka Kowalska-Styczeh

chapter 68|10 pages

The Use of Reverse Engineering Development of Cranial prosthesis for Thermal Spray

ByM. Catapan, M. Okimoto, R. Paredes

chapter Chapter 69|10 pages

Usability Evaluation of Touchscreen Phone in Emergency Context

ByFernanda Pozza, Vanessa Roncalio, Cristiana Miranda, Maria Lucia Okimoto