In real-life scenarios, service management involves complex decision-making processes usually affected by random or stochastic variables. Under such uncertain conditions, the development and use of robust and flexible strategies, algorithms, and methods can provide the quantitative information necessary to make better business decisions. Decision M

chapter 1|34 pages

- Stochastic Decision Making in Information Technology Services Delivery

ByAliza R. Heching, Mark S. Squillante

chapter 2|22 pages

- Simulation-Based Studies on Dynamic Sourcing of Customers under Random Supply Disruptions

BySanad H. Liaquat, Pragalbh Srivastava, Lian Qi

chapter 3|24 pages

- Customer Perceptions of Quality and Service System Design

ByGeorge N. Kenyon, Kabir C. Sen

chapter 4|26 pages

- Data Mining and Quality in Service Industry: Review and Some Applications

ByTeresa Oliveira, Amílcar Oliveira, Alejandra Pérez-Bonilla

chapter 5|16 pages

- Software for Solving Real Service-Management Problems

ByElena Pérez-Bernabeu, Horia Demian, Miguel Angel Sellés, María Madela Abrudan

chapter 6|20 pages

- Logistics and Retail Pharmacies: Providing Cost-Effective Home Delivery of Prescriptions

ByYi-Chin Huang, Michael J. Fry, Alex C. Lin

chapter 7|30 pages

- Improving Pharmacy Operations Using Computer Simulation

ByAlberto Isla, Alex C. Lin, W. David Kelton

chapter 8|30 pages

- Patient Prioritization in Emergency Departments: Decision Making under Uncertainty

ByOmar M. Ashour, Gül E. Okudan Kremer

chapter 10|32 pages

- Decision Making in Logistics Outsourcing from the Standpoint of Hiring Companies

ByRenata Albergaria de Mello Bandeira, Luiz Carlos Brasil de Brito Mello, and Antonio Carlos Gastaud Maçada

chapter 12|24 pages

Evaluating Different Cost-Bene‘t Analysis Methods for Port Security Operations

ByGalina Sherman, Peer-Olaf Siebers, David Menachof, Uwe Aickelin

chapter 13|34 pages

- Vehicle Routing in Service Industry Using Decision Support Systems

ByBuyang Cao, Burcin Bozkaya

chapter 14|28 pages

- Decision Support for Information Technology (IT) Service Investments under Uncertainty

ByMagno Jefferson de Souza Queiroz and Jacques Philippe Sauvé

chapter 15|28 pages

An Inventory Criticality Classi‘cation Method for Nuclear Spare Parts: A Case Study

ByNatalie M. Scala, Jayant Rajgopal, and Kim LaScola Needy

chapter 16|24 pages

- Service Technology, Pricing, and Process Economics in Banking Competition

ByDavid Y. Choi, Uday S. Karmarkar, Hosun Rhim