Satellite imagery and data are widely used in public health surveillance to provide early warning of disease outbreaks and for averting pandemics. Convergence of these technologies began in the 1970s and has gained wide acceptance in the 21st Century.Environmental Tracking for Public Health Surveillance focuses on the expanding use of satellite sen

part |2 pages

Part I: Introduction

chapter 1|16 pages

Earth observing data for health applications

ByS.A. Morain & A.M. Budge (Author/editors)

part |2 pages

Part II: Infectious and contagious diseases in the environment

chapter 2|66 pages

Vector-borne infectious diseases and influenza

ByR.K. Kiang (Author/editor)

chapter 3|42 pages

Water, water quality and health

ByS.I. Zeeman & P. Weinstein (Author/editors)

chapter 4|58 pages

Air quality and human health

ByD.W. Griffin & E.N. Naumova (Author/editors)

chapter 5|40 pages

Emerging and re-emerging diseases

ByC.J. Witt (Author/editor)

part |2 pages

Part III: Data, modelling, and information systems

chapter 6|64 pages

Data discovery, access and retrieval

ByS. Kempler (Author/editor)

chapter 7|40 pages

Environmental modelling for health

ByS.A. Morain, S. Kumar & T.J. Stohlgren (Author/editors)

chapter 8|12 pages

Early warning systems

ByP. Ceccato & S.J. Connor (Author/editors)

chapter 9|24 pages

Towards operational forecasts of algal blooms and pathogens

ByC.W. Brown (Author/editor)

chapter 10|43 pages

Information and decision support systems

ByW. Hudspeth (Author/editor)