The International Association of Protective Structures (IAPS) was launched on 1 October 2010 in Manchester, UK during the first International Conference of Protective Structures. The primary purpose of IAPS is to bring researchers and engineers working in the area of protective structures together, and to promote research and development work for b

chapter 1|32 pages

Modeling of concrete materials under extreme loads

ByJ.E. Crawford, Y. Wu, J.M. Magallanes & S. Lan

chapter 6|32 pages

Experimental versus analytical response of structures to blast loads

ByA.G. Razaqpur, M. Campidelli & S. Foo

chapter 7|26 pages

Buildings protection against accidental explosions in petrochemical facilities

ByB.M. Luccioni & R.D. Ambrosini

chapter 9|28 pages

Collapse mechanism of seawall protective structure by huge tsunami

ByN. Ishikawa, T. Arikawa, M. Beppu & H. Tatesawa

chapter 10|24 pages

Impact effects on concrete

ByQ.M. Li

chapter 13|33 pages

Craters produced by explosions on, above and under the ground

ByR.D. Ambrosini & B.M. Luccioni