There is considerable current academic interest in the interface between geographical information systems (GIS) and the environment. This new monograph explores the process from start to finish. It begins with information acquisition in the environment and moves on to tool and techniques for manipulating the information, visualisation and navigatio

chapter |4 pages


part |2 pages

Section 1 Information Acquisition in the Environment

chapter 2|16 pages

Methodologies And Approaches For Automated Land Cover Change Detection

ByA.J.Comber, A.N.R..Law and J.R..Lishman

chapter 3|24 pages

Data-Rich Models Of The Urban Environment: RS, GIS And ‘Lifestyles’

ByRichard J. Harris, Paul A. Longley

chapter 4|12 pages

Extraction of Field Boundary Information: Using Satellite Images Classified by Artificial Neural Networks

ByTaskin Kavzoglu, Jasmee Jaafar, Paul M. Mather

chapter 5|14 pages

On The Assessment Of The Spatial Reliability Of Thematic Images

ByC. A. O. Vieira, P. M. Mather

part |2 pages

Section 2 Manipulating the information: Tools, Visualisation and Navigation

chapter 6|16 pages

A Triangle-based Carrier for Geographical Data

ByMorten Dœhlen, Morten Fimland, Øyvind Hjelle

chapter 7|14 pages

Integrated Spatiotemporal Analysis for Environmental Applications

ByRobert Frank, Zarine Kemp

chapter 8|14 pages

A Knowledge-Based GIS For Concurrent Navigation Monitoring

ByFrederic Barbe, François Gélébart, Thomas Devogele, Christophe Claramunt

part |2 pages

Section 3 Analysing the information: Computation and Modelling

part |2 pages

Section 4 Applying the Information: Decision Support

chapter 15|18 pages

The Use Of GIS In Brownfield Redevelopment

ByRebekah Boott, Mordechai Haklay, Kate Heppell, Jeremy Morley

chapter 16|14 pages

Evaluation Methods to Support the Comparison of Maps for Environmental Decision Making

ByMarjan van Herwijnen, Ron Janssen

chapter 17|10 pages

Use Of Statistical Classification Techniques In Identifying Stock And Change In Broad Habitat Categories

ByWatkins, J.W., Howard, D.C. and Scott, W.A.