Advances in Industrial Heat Transfer presents the basic principles of industrial heat transfer enhancement. Serving as a reference and guide for future research, this book presents a complete approach, from redesigning equipment to the use of nanofluids in industry.Based on the latest methods of the experiment and their interpretation, this book pr

chapter 1|46 pages

- Introduction to Industrial Heat Transfer

ByAlina Adriana Minea

chapter 3|44 pages

- Heat Transfer in Process Integration

ByEmil G. Mihailov, Venko I. Petkov

chapter 4|30 pages

- Convective Flows in Porous Media

ByAntonio Barletta and Eugenia Rossi di Schio

chapter 5|36 pages

Heat Transfer in Nanouids

ByVincenzo Bianco, Oronzio Manca, Sergio Nardini

chapter 7|40 pages

- Heat Transfer Enhancement in Process Heating

ByAlina Adriana Minea

chapter 8|26 pages

- Heat Transfer in Thermoelectricity

ByMyriam Lazard

chapter 9|44 pages

- Heat Transfer in Fixed and Moving Packed Beds Predicted by the Extended Discrete Element Method

ByBernhard J. Peters, Algis Džiugys

chapter 10|52 pages

- Heat Transfer in Organic Rankine Cycle Applications

BySotirios Karellas, Aris-Dimitrios Leontaritis, Georgios Panousis