The best-selling Distributed Sensor Networks became the definitive guide to understanding this far-reaching technology. Preserving the excellence and accessibility of its predecessor, Distributed Sensor Networks, Second Edition once again provides all the fundamentals and applications in one complete, self-contained source. Ideal as a tutorial for

part I|1 pages


chapter 1|19 pages

Microsensor Applications

ByDavid Shepherd, Sri Kumar

chapter 2|11 pages

Interfacing Distributed Sensor Actuator Networks with the Physical World

ByShivakumar Sastry, S. Sitharama Iyengar

chapter 3|3 pages

Contrast with Traditional Systems

ByRichard R. Brooks

part II|3 pages

Distributed Sensing and Signal Processing

chapter 4|18 pages

Digital Signal Processing Backgrounds

ByYu Hen Hu

chapter 5|33 pages

Image Processing Background

ByLynne L. Grewe, Ben Shahshahani

chapter 6|17 pages

Object Detection and Classification

ByAkbar M. Sayeed

chapter 7|19 pages

Parameter Estimation

ByDavid S. Friedlander

chapter 8|59 pages

Target Tracking with Self-Organizing Distributed Sensors

ByRichard R. Brooks, Christopher Griffin, David S. Friedlander, J.D. Koch, İlker Özçelik

chapter 9|16 pages

Collaborative Signal and Information Processing: An Information-Directed Approach

ByFeng Zhao, Jie Liu, Juan Liu, Leonidas Guibas, James Reich

chapter 10|11 pages

Environmental Effects

ByDavid C. Swanson

chapter 11|25 pages

Detecting and Counteracting Atmospheric Effects

ByLynne L. Grewe

chapter 12|45 pages

Signal Processing and Propagation for Aeroacoustic Sensor Networks

ByRichard J. Kozick, Brian M. Sadler, D. Keith Wilson

chapter 13|15 pages

Distributed MultiTarget Detection in Sensor Networks

ByXiaoling Wang, Hairong Qi, Steve Beck

chapter 14|27 pages

Symbolic Dynamic Filtering for Pattern Recognition in Distributed Sensor Networks

ByXin Jin, Shalabh Gupta, Kushal Mukherjee, Asok Ray

chapter 15|41 pages


ByJ.C. Chen, Kung Yao

part III|3 pages

Information Fusion

chapter 16|10 pages

Foundations of Data Fusion for Automation*

ByS. Sitharama Iyengar, Shivakumar Sastry, N. Balakrishnan

chapter 18|13 pages

Soft Computing Techniques

ByRichard R. Brooks

chapter 19|25 pages

Estimation and Kalman Filters

ByDavid L. Hall

chapter 20|40 pages

Data Registration

ByRichard R. Brooks, Jacob Lamb, Lynne L. Grewe, Juan Deng

chapter 21|18 pages

Signal Calibration, Estimation for Real-Time Monitoring and Control

ByAsok Ray, Shashi Phoha

chapter 22|9 pages

Semantic Information Extraction

ByDavid S. Friedlander

chapter 23|18 pages

Fusion in the Context of Information Theory

ByMohiuddin Ahmed, Gregory Pottie

chapter 24|12 pages

Multispectral Sensing

ByN.K. Bose

chapter 25|15 pages

Chebyshev’s Inequality-Based Multisensor Data Fusion in Self-Organizing Sensor Networks

ByMengxia Zhu, Richard R. Brooks, Song Ding, Qishi Wu, Nageswara S.V. Rao, S. Sitharama Iyengar

chapter 26|12 pages

Markov Model Inferencing in Distributed Systems

ByChen Lu, Jason M. Schwier, Richard R. Brooks, Christopher Griffin, Satish Bukkapatnam

chapter 27|14 pages

Emergence of Human-Centric Information Fusion

ByDavid L. Hall

part IV|2 pages

Power Management

chapter 28|14 pages

Designing Energy-Aware Sensor Systems

ByN. Vijaykrishnan, M.J. Irwin, M. Kandemir, L. Li, G. Chen, B. Kang

chapter 29|30 pages

Operating System Power Management

ByVishnu Swaminathan, Krishnendu Chakrabarty

chapter 30|15 pages

An Energy-Aware Approach for Sensor Data Communication

ByH. Saputra, N. Vijaykrishnan, M. Kandemir, Richard R. Brooks, M.J. Irwin

chapter 31|24 pages

Compiler-Directed Communication Energy Optimizations for Microsensor Networks

ByI. Kadayif, M. Kandemir, A. Choudhary, M. Karakoy, N. Vijaykrishnan, M.J. Irwin

chapter 32|14 pages

Jamming Games in Wireless and Sensor Networks *

ByRajgopal Kannan, Costas Busch, Shuangqing Wei

chapter 33|18 pages

Reasoning about Sensor Networks

ByManuel Peralta, Supratik Mukhopadhyay, Ramesh Bharadwaj

chapter 34|17 pages

Testing and Debugging Sensor Network Applications

BySally K. Wahba, Jason O. Hallstrom, Nigamanth Sridhar