Resilience and Urban Risk Management presents the latest progress made in designing resilient towns, and identifies leads to be explored for attaining the objective of systematically integrating risks into urban environments The aim of the book is to provide guidance in designing and planning future cities, and to create a new form of risk manageme

chapter |12 pages

Evolution of natural hazard assessment and response methods

ByR. Ashley, J. Blanksby, A. Saul & B. Gersonius

chapter |10 pages

Flood-proof ecocities: Technology, design and governance

ByR.E. De Graaf

chapter |8 pages

The resilience engineering offer for municipalities

ByJ.P. Arnaud, M. Toubin, C. Côme & D. Serre

chapter |8 pages

Strategies of urban flood integration—Zollhafen Mainz

ByC. Redeker

chapter |8 pages

The Dutch room for the River programme and its European dimension

ByJ. Tielen & J.M.T. Stam

chapter |6 pages

Managing urban flooding in the face of continuous change

ByC. Zevenbergen & A. Pathirana

chapter |22 pages

Urban resilience in post-Katrina/Rita New Orleans

ByJ.R. Amdal

chapter |10 pages

Urban technical networks resilience assessment

ByS. Lhomme, D. Serre, Y. Diab & R. Laganier

chapter |8 pages

Organizational resilience: A multidisciplinary sociotechnical challenge

ByB. Robert & Y. Hémond

chapter |16 pages

Resilience-based design for urban cities

ByG.P. Cimellaro & V. Arcidiacono

chapter |8 pages

An auto-diagnosis tool to improve urban resilience: The RATP case study

ByM. Toubin, D. Serre, Y. Diab & R. Laganier

chapter |16 pages

Flood resilience assessment of New Orleans neighborhood over time

ByM. Balsells, V. Becue, B. Barroca, Y. Diab & D. Serre