Pack: Book and CDInternationally, full-scale accelerated pavement testing, either on test roads or linear/circular test tracks, has proven to be a valuable tool that fills the gap between models and laboratory tests and long-term experiments on in-service pavements. Accelerated pavement testing is used to improve understanding of pavement behavior,

part |2 pages

Part 1: Overview of accelerated pavement testing

part |2 pages

Part 2: Establishment of new accelerated pavement testing facilities

chapter |6 pages

The Universidad de los Andes linear test track apparatus

ByB. Caicedo, J. Monroy, S. Caro & E. Rueda

part |2 pages

Part 3: Review of the impact of accelerated pavement testing programs on practice

chapter |8 pages

A ten year review of the Florida’s accelerated pavement testing program

ByJ. Greene & B. Choubane

chapter 4|10 pages

teen years of accelerated pavement testing at Kansas State University

ByM. Hossain, B.S. Bortz, H. Melhem, S.A. Romanoschi & A. Gisi