For food scientists, high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a powerful tool for product composition testing and assuring product quality. Since the last edition of this volume was published, great strides have been made in HPLC analysis techniques-with particular attention given to miniaturization, automatization, and green chemistry. Tho

chapter 1|32 pages

Recent Developments in High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

ByChiara Fanali, Paola Dugo, Luigi Mondello, Giovanni D’Orazio, and Salvatore Fanali

chapter 2|36 pages

- Amino Acids

ByM-Concepción Aristoy, Fidel Toldrá

chapter 3|28 pages

- Peptides

ByBlanca Hernández-Ledesma, Daniel Martínez-Maqueda, Beatriz Miralles, Lourdes Amigo, and José Ángel Gómez-Ruiz

chapter 4|42 pages

- HPLC of Food Proteins

ByClara Esteve, María Luisa Marina, María Concepción García

chapter 5|80 pages

- Neutral Lipids

ByDomenico Marini, Federico Marini

chapter 7|20 pages

- HPLC Determination of Carbohydrates in Foods

ByMiguel Peris-Tortajada

chapter 8|18 pages

- HPLC Analysis of Alcohols in Foods and Beverages

ByMaría Jesús Lerma García and Ernesto Fco. Simó Alfonso

chapter 9|54 pages

- Fat-Soluble Vitamins

ByLeo M.L. Nollet

chapter 10|118 pages

- Water-Soluble Vitamins

ByL. Faye Russell

chapter 11|24 pages

- Organic Acids

ByMónica González, Venerando González

chapter 12|26 pages

- Mycotoxins

ByCarlo Brera, Barbara De Santis, Francesca Debegnach, Emanuela Gregori, and Elena Pannunzi

chapter 13|22 pages

- Sweeteners

ByMaroula G. Kokotou, Alexandros G. Asimakopoulos, Nikolaos S. Thomaidis

chapter 14|14 pages

- Colorants

ByAlexandros G. Asimakopoulos, Maroula G. Kokotou, Nikolaos S. Thomaidis

chapter 15|22 pages

- Preservatives

ByConstantinos K. Zacharis, Paraskevas D. Tzanavaras

chapter 16|16 pages

- Synthetic Phenolic Antioxidants

ByAida Serra, Alba Macia, Mario Estévez

chapter 17|24 pages

- Antimicrobial Residues

BySusanne Rath, Ricardo Mathias Orlando

chapter 18|56 pages

Determination of Carbamate and Urea Pesticides in Foods

ByEvaristo Ballesteros Tribaldo, Beatriz Jurado Sánchez

chapter 19|52 pages

- Organochlorine and Organophosphates by HPLC

ByVicente Andreu, Cristina Blasco, Yolanda Picó

chapter 20|18 pages

- Herbicides and Fungicides

ByJuan F. García-Reyes, Bienvenida Gilbert-López, Natividad Ramos-Martos, and Antonio Molina-Díaz

chapter 21|40 pages

- Phenolic Compounds

ByDietmar R. Kammerer, Maike Kramer, Reinhold Carle

chapter 22|20 pages

- Anthocyanins and Betalains

ByNadia Mulinacci, Marzia Innocenti

chapter 23|116 pages

- Organic Bases

ByMicaela Benzi, Marco Bobba, Marco Demartini, Valentina Gianotti, Fabio Gosetti, Emilio Marengo, Eleonora Mazzucco, Elisa Robotti, and Davide Zampieri

chapter 24|30 pages

- HPLC of Nitrosamines in Food and Other Matrices

BySheetal Mital

chapter 25|22 pages

- Residues of Growth Promoters

ByChristof Van Poucke, Christ’l Detavernier, and Carlos Van Peteghem

chapter 26|32 pages

Determination of Anions and Cations in Food and Beverages by HPLC

ByNeil D. Danielson, Jeffrey H. Sherman, Shau Grossman

chapter 27|26 pages

- EDCs

ByGuang-Guo Ying, Shan Liu

chapter 28|20 pages

- Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

BySilvia Amelia Verdiani Tfouni, Mônica Cristiane Rojo Camargo

chapter 29|10 pages

- Dioxins and PCBs (POPs)

ByPerugini Monia