Successful recovery following a disaster depends upon transcending the disciplinary divides of architecture, engineering, and planning and emphasizing the importance of community perspectives in the post-disaster reconstruction process. Effective results in community recovery mandate that we holistically examine the complex interrelationship betwee



ByJennifer Duyne Barenstein, Esther Leemann

part I|2 pages

Communities’ Role in Post-Disaster Recovery Processes between Theory and Reality

part II|2 pages

Socio-Cultural Impacts of Housing Reconstruction

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

A Social and Environmental Assessment of Pre- and Post-Tsunami Housing and Building Practices in Tamil Nadu

ByJennifer Duyne Barenstein, Daniel Pittet

part III|2 pages

Post-Disaster Resettlement and Restoration of Livelihoods

chapter Chapter 14|18 pages

Voluntary Relocation after Disaster: A Hope for Many, a Chance for Few?

ByDumenia Casutt

chapter Chapter 15|26 pages

Is Resettlement a Viable Strategy to Mitigate the Risk of Natural Disasters? Views and Voices from the Citizens of Santa Fe, Argentina

ByJennifer Duyne Barenstein, Brigitte Marti Rojas Rivas