In the near future the appearance and spatial organization of urban and rural landscapes will be strongly influenced by the generation of renewable energy. One of the critical tasks will be the re-integration of these sustainable energy landscapes into the existing environment-which people value and want to preserve-in a socially fair, environmenta

chapter 1|8 pages

Sustainable Energy Landscapes: An Introduction

BySven Stremke and Andy van den Dobbelsteen

chapter 2|34 pages

- Reading the Changing Energy Landscape

ByMartin J. Pasqualetti

chapter 3|26 pages

Strong Feelings: Emotional Landscape of Wind Turbines

ByDirk Sijmons, Machiel van Dorst

chapter 4|24 pages

Energy Potential Mapping and Heat Mapping: Prerequisite for Energy-Conscious Planning and Design

ByAndy van den Dobbelsteen, Siebe Broersma, and Michiel Fremouw

chapter 5|16 pages

Five-Step Approach to the Design of Sustainable Energy Landscapes

BySven Stremke

chapter 6|22 pages

- Multicriteria Decision Analysis for the Planning and Design of Sustainable Energy Landscapes

ByAdrienne Grêt-Regamey, Ulrike Wissen Hayek

chapter 7|28 pages

Energy Landscape Visualization: ScientiŠc Quality and Social Responsibility of a Powerful Tool

BySören Schöbel, Andreas R. Dittrich, Daniel Czechowski

chapter 9|16 pages

Planning Sustainable Energy Landscapes: From Collaborative Approaches to Individuals’ Active Planning

ByClaudia Basta, Wim van der Knaap, Gerrit J. Carsjens

chapter 10|18 pages

- Integrated Optimization of Spatial Structures and Energy Systems

ByGernot Stoeglehner, Michael Narodoslawsky

chapter 15|24 pages

Spatial Modeling for Community Renewable Energy Planning: Case Studies in British Columbia, Canada

ByOlaf Schroth, Ellen Pond, Rory Tooke, David Flanders, and Stephen Sheppard

chapter 16|20 pages

Initiating and Analyzing Renewable Energy Transitions in Germany: The District, Village, and Farm Scale

ByPeter Schmuck, Marianne Karpenstein-Machan, André Wüste

chapter 17|18 pages

- Energy-Conscious Planning Practice in Austria: Strategic Planning for Energy-Optimized Urban Structures

ByGernot Stoeglehner, Michael Narodoslawsky

chapter 20|26 pages

- Designing Sustainable Energy Islands: Applying the Five-Step Approach in a Graduate Student’s Studio in the Netherlands

ByRenée de Waal, Sven Stremke, Rudi van Etteger, and Adri van den Brink

chapter 21|30 pages

Toward the Zero+ Campus: Multidisciplinary Design Pedagogy in the United States

ByBarry Lehrman, Loren Abraham, Mary Guzowski, Lance Neckar, Derek Schilling, and Elizabeth Turner

chapter 22|26 pages

- “Resources”: An Educational Approach to Address Future Urban Uncertainties

ByHenrietta Palmer, Michael Dudley

chapter 23|6 pages

- Conclusion

ByAndy van den Dobbelsteen and Sven Stremke