Most reported incidents of soil contamination include an array of heavy metals species rather than a single ion. The various interactions in these multicomponent or multiple-ion systems significantly impact the fate and transport of heavy metals, and competition for sorption sites on soil matrix surfaces is a common phenomenon. Because of this, con

chapter 4|28 pages

Leaching of Antimony from Contaminated Soils

ByKerstin Hockmann, Rainer Schulin

chapter 5|24 pages

Mercury Sorption and Desorption by Tropical Soils

ByWanderley José de Melo

chapter 6|44 pages

Sorption of Heavy Metals in Tropical Soils

ByEstêvão Vicari Mellis, José Carlos Casagrande, Márcio Roberto Soares, Mara Cristina Pessôa da Cruz, and Otávio Antônio de Camargo

chapter 7|18 pages

Inuence of Selenium Speciation and Fractionation on Its Mobility in Soils

ByIsabelle Le Hécho, Julie Tolu, Yves Thiry, Maïté Bueno, Martine Potin-Gautier

chapter 8|34 pages

Transport Parameters and Sorption-Desorption of Zn and Cu in Soddy Soils of the Upper Volga

ByNatalia Barsova, Galina Motuzova

chapter 9|44 pages

Sorption and Desorption of Heavy Metals in Low-Activity Clays Under Coffee Tracts of South India

ByMaria Violet D’Souza and S.M. Prasanna

chapter 11|36 pages

Release Rates of Solutes from Phosphatic Shales in Southeast Idaho, USA

ByMichael C. Amacher, Lisa L. Stillings