With contributions from noted laboratory scientists, professors, and engineers, Hydrogen Energy and Vehicle Systems presents a new comprehensive approach for applying hydrogen-based technologies to the transportation and electric power generation sectors. It shows how these technologies can improve the efficiency and reliability of energy and trans

chapter 1|22 pages

- Hydrogen and Electricity: Parallels, Interactions, and Convergence

ByChristopher Yang

chapter 2|22 pages

- Hydrogen Infrastructure: Production, Storage, and Transportation

ByKevin B. Martin, Warren Vaz

chapter 3|34 pages

- PEM Fuel Cell Basics and Computational Modeling

ByUmit O. Koylu, Steven F. Rodgers, Scott E. Grasman

chapter 4|44 pages

- Dynamic Modeling and Control of PEM Fuel Cell Systems

ByLie Tang, Nima Lot€, Joseph Ishaku, and Robert G. Landers

chapter 6|24 pages

- Fuel Cell Technology Demonstrations and Data Analysis

ByJennifer Kurtz, Keith Wipke, Leslie Eudy, Sam Sprik, Todd Ramsden

chapter 8|22 pages

- Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

ByAndrew Meintz

chapter 9|26 pages

- Hydrogen as Energy Storage to Increase Wind Energy Penetration into Power Grid

ByRaquel Garde, Gabriel García, Mónica Aguado

chapter 10|24 pages

- Hydrogen Design Case Studies

ByMathew Thomas, John W. Shef€eld, and Vijay Mohan

chapter 11|14 pages

- Hydrogen Safety

ByMathew Thomas

chapter 12|14 pages

- Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Regulations, Codes, and Standards

ByCarl H. Rivkin