This book concentrates on the latest developments in our understanding of solid-state device physics. The material presented is mainly experimental and based on CdTe thin-film solar cells. It extends these new findings to CIGS thin-film solar cells and presents a new device design based on graded bandgap multilayer solar cells. This design has been

chapter 1|24 pages

Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conversion

chapter 2|12 pages

Status Report on Solar Energy Technologies

chapter 5|28 pages

Extension of the NewModel to CIGS Thin-Film

BySolar Cells

chapter 6|12 pages

Effective Harvesting of Photons

chapter 7|20 pages

Multi-Layer Graded Bandgap Solar Cells

chapter 8|12 pages

Solar Cells Active in Complete Darkness

chapter 10|18 pages

A Future Dominated by Solar Energy

chapter 11|4 pages

Is Fermi-Level Pinning Affecting GaAs-Based

BySolar Cells?