Nanosized sensors enable the study of chemical and biochemical processes at a level and in dimensions that may not have been envisioned some 20 years ago. Fueled by their inherent small size and the unusual optical, magnetic, catalytic, and mechanical properties of nanoparticles, remarkable progress has been made in recent years in the development

part Part I|96 pages


chapter 1|32 pages

Fundamentals of Photonics

ByBrian Culshaw, Jose Miguel López-Higuera

chapter 2|16 pages

Fundamentals of Optical Chemical Sensors

ByFrancesco Baldini, Ambra Giannetti, Cosimo Trono

chapter 3|46 pages

Optical Chemical Sensors: A Look Back

ByDorota Wencel, Colette McDonagh

part Part II|376 pages

Research Advances

chapter 4|20 pages

Photoluminescent Nanosensors

ByMike McShane

chapter 5|30 pages

Cantilever-Based Sensors

ByMaria Tenje, Stephan S. Keller, Zachary J. Davis, Anja Boisen, Joseph Ndieyira, Manuel Vögtli, Carlo Morasso, Rachel A. McKendry

chapter 6|20 pages

Nanostructured Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors

ByMikael Svedendahl, Si Chen, Mikael Käll

chapter 7|38 pages

Fiber-Optic Nanosensors

ByCarlos R. Zamarreño, Jesus M. Corres, Javier Goicoechea, Ignacio Del Villar, Ignacio R. Matías, Francisco J. Arregui

chapter 8|30 pages

Lab on Fiber Technology and Related Devices

ByAndrea Cusano, Marco Consales, Marco Pisco, Alessio Crescitelli, Armando Ricciardi, Emanuela Esposito, Antonello Cutolo

chapter 9|18 pages

Micro/Nanofibers for Biochemical Sensing

ByJoel Villatoro

chapter 10|42 pages

Optofluidic Sensors

ByRomeo Bernini

chapter 11|30 pages

Lab-on-Chip Nanostructured Sensors for Chemical and Biological Applications

ByLuca De Stefano, Edoardo De Tommaso, Emanuele Orabona, Ilaria Rea, Ivo Rendina

chapter 13|78 pages

Nano-Materials and Nano-Structures for Chemical and Biological Optical Sensors

ByIgnacio Del Villar, Javier Goicoechea, Carlos R. Zamarreño, Jesus M. Corres

chapter 14|16 pages

Linear and Nonlinear Spectroscopy at Nano Scale

ByAnna Chiara De Luca, Giuseppe Pesce, Giulia Rusciano, Antonio Sasso

chapter 15|38 pages

Plasmonic Nanostructures and Nano-Antennas for Sensing

ByAnuj Dhawan, Tuan Vo-Dinh

chapter 16|16 pages

Overcoming Mass-Transport Limitations with Optofluidic Plasmonic Biosensors and Particle Trapping

ByHatice Altug, Ahmet Ali Yanik, Alp Artar, Arif Engin Cetin, Min Huang, John H. Connor

chapter 17|18 pages

Optical Micro-Ring Resonators for Chemical Vapor Sensing

ByYuze Sun, Xudong Fan

part Part III|111 pages


chapter 19|16 pages

Nano-Optical Sensors for Food Safety and Security

ByEuiwon Bae, Arun K. Bhunia

chapter 20|36 pages

Multifunctional Fiber-Optic Nanosensors for Environmental Monitoring

ByAlessio Crescitelli, Marco Consales, Antonello Cutolo, Michele Giordano, Andrea Cusano

chapter 21|16 pages

Nano-Optical Sensors for Virology

BySathish Sankar, Balaji Nandagopal, Mageshbabu Ramamurthy, Gopalan Sridharan

chapter 22|21 pages

Nano-Optical Sensors for Explosive Detection

ByPaul B. Ruffin, Stuart (Shizhuo) Yin