Due to the increasing number of digital mammograms and the advent of new kinds of three-dimensional x-ray and other forms of medical imaging, mammography is undergoing a dramatic change. To meet their responsibilities, medical physicists must constantly renew their knowledge of advances in medical imaging or radiation therapy, and must be prepared

chapter 1|8 pages

- Fundamentals of Digital Mammography

ByXin Qian

chapter 2|18 pages

- Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography

ByMelissa L. Hill and Martin J. Yae

chapter 3|10 pages

- Stereo Mammography

ByDavid J. Getty

chapter 4|14 pages

- Breast Tomosynthesis

ByYing (Ada) Chen

chapter 5|12 pages

- Breast CT

ByChris C. Shaw, Gary J. Whitman

chapter 6|6 pages

- Comparison of Advanced X-Ray Modalities

ByYing (Ada) Chen, David J. Getty, Melissa L. Hill, Mia K. Markey, Xin Qian, Chris C. Shaw, Gary J. Whitman, and Martin J. Yae

chapter 7|12 pages

- Breast Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

ByMargaret Adejolu, Gary J. Whitman

chapter 8|10 pages

- Image-Guided Procedures and Surgical Planning

ByNehmat Houssami, Robin Wilson, Jennifer Rusby

chapter 9|8 pages

- Displays for Breast Imaging

ByAldo Badano

chapter 10|18 pages

- Perception of Mammographic Images

ByElizabeth Krupinski

chapter 11|16 pages

- Physical Breast Phantoms

ByErnest L. Madsen

chapter 12|18 pages

- Digital Phantoms for Breast Imaging

ByPredrag R. Bakic, Andrew D. A. Maidment

chapter 13|12 pages

- Observer Models for Breast Imaging

ByFrançois Bochud

chapter 14|12 pages

- Current Status of Computer-Aided Detection of Breast Cancer

ByHuong (Carisa) Le-Petross and Tanya W. Stephens

chapter 15|10 pages

- Breast Ultrasound

ByGary J. Whitman, Raunak Khisty, and R. Jason Staord

chapter 16|18 pages

- Breast MRI

ByDeanna L. Lane, R. Jason Staord, and Gary J. Whitman

chapter 17|16 pages

Nuclear Medicine Imaging of the Breast: History, Clinical Application and Integration, and Future

ByRachel F. Brem, Caitrín Coey, Jessica Torrente, and Jocelyn Rapelyea

chapter 18|18 pages

- Breast Elasticity Imaging

BySalavat Aglyamov, Richard Bouchard, Iulia Graf, Stanislav Emelianov

chapter 19|12 pages

- Electrical Impedance Imaging and Spectroscopy of the Breast

ByBin Zheng, Lihua Li

chapter 20|18 pages

- Optical Imaging of the Breast

ByKelly E. Michaelsen, Michael A. Mastanduno, Ashley M. Laughney, Brian W. Pogue, Keith D. Paulsen

chapter 21|18 pages

- Outlook for Computer-Based Decision Support in Breast Cancer Care

ByGautam S. Muralidhar, Alan C. Bovik, Mia K. Markey