Biomimetic photonics is a burgeoning field. Biologists are finding and describing a whole menagerie of unique and astonishingly complex nano- and microstructures in fauna and flora. Material scientists are developing novel multifunctional and hierarchical structures with a wide variety of post-nano era photonics applications. Mathematicians and com

chapter 1|18 pages

- Photonic Structures in Plants

BySilvia Vignolini, Beverley Glover, Ullrich Steiner

chapter 2|36 pages

- Biomineralization and Photonics

ByThomas Fuhrmann-Lieker

chapter 3|62 pages

- Biomimetics of Optical Nanostructures

ByAndrew R. Parker, Torben Lenau, Akira Saito

chapter 4|24 pages

- Photomechanic IR Receptors in Pyrophilous Beetles and Bugs

ByHerbert Bousack, Helmut Budzier, Gerald Gerlach, Helmut Schmitz

chapter 5|24 pages

- Toward Industrial Production of Biomimetic Photonic Structures

ByHiroshi Fudouzi, Tsutomu Sawada, Yoshihiro Uozu

chapter 6|26 pages

- A Night Vision Algorithm Inspired by the Visual System of a Nocturnal Bee

ByEric Warrant, Magnus Oskarsson, Henrik Malm

chapter 7|68 pages

- Modeling and Simulation of Structural Colors

ByShuichi Kinoshita, Dong Zhu, Akira Saito