Through their application in energy-efficient and environmentally friendly devices, zinc oxide (ZnO) and related classes of wide gap semiconductors, including GaN and SiC, are revolutionizing numerous areas, from lighting, energy conversion, photovoltaics, and communications to biotechnology, imaging, and medicine. With an emphasis on engineering a

chapter 2|10 pages

- Pressurized Melt Growth of ZnO Single Crystals

ByJeff Nause

chapter 4|26 pages

- p-Type ZnO: Current Status and Perspective

ByZhizhen Ye, Haiping He, Jianguo Lu, Liping Zhu

chapter 5|34 pages

- ZnO Nanostructures and Thin Films Grown in Aqueous Solution: Growth, Defects, and Doping

ByS.J. Chua, C.B. Tay, and J. Tang

chapter 6|26 pages

- Second Harmonic Generation and Related Studies on ZnO Films

ByMaria Cristina Larciprete, Mario Bertolotti

chapter 9|34 pages

- Optical Properties of MgZnO/ZnO Heterostructures Grown on Sapphire Substrates by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy

ByY.M. Lu, P.J. Cao, W.J. Liu, D.L. Zhu, X.C. Ma, D.Z. Shen, and X.W. Fan

chapter 10|64 pages

- The (Mg,Zn)O Alloy

ByHolger von Wenckstern, Rüdiger Schmidt-Grund, Carsten Bundesmann, Alexander Müller, Christof P. Dietrich, Marko Stölzel, Martin Lange, and Marius Grundmann

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chapter 4|44 pages

- ZnO-Based Nanostructures

chapter 10|30 pages

- Ultraviolet ZnO Random Laser Diodes

chapter 12|50 pages

- Growth of ZnO for Neutron Detectors