From first principles to current computer applications, Monte Carlo Calculations in Nuclear Medicine, Second Edition: Applications in Diagnostic Imaging covers the applications of Monte Carlo calculations in nuclear medicine and critically reviews them from a diagnostic perspective. Like the first edition, this book explains the Monte Carlo method

chapter 1|16 pages

- Introduction to the Monte Carlo Method

ByMichael Ljungberg

chapter 2|14 pages

- Variance Reduction Techniques

ByDavid R. Haynor, Robert L. Harrison

chapter 3|14 pages

- Anthropomorphic Phantoms: Early Developments and Current Advances

ByI. George Zubal, W. Paul Segars

chapter 4|24 pages

- The Gamma Camera: Basic Principles

BySven-Erik Strand, Mikael Peterson, Magnus Dahlbom

chapter 5|18 pages

- Positron Emission Tomography

ByKjell Erlandsson, Tomas Ohlsson

chapter 6|24 pages

- The SimSET Program

ByRobert L. Harrison, Tom K. Lewellen

chapter 7|18 pages

- The SIMIND Monte Carlo Program

ByMichael Ljungberg

chapter 8|24 pages

- GATE: A Toolkit for Monte Carlo Simulations in Tomography and Radiation Therapy

ByIrène Buvat, Didier Benoit, Sébastien Jan

chapter 9|20 pages

- The MCNP Monte Carlo Program

ByPer Munck af Rosenschöld and Erik Larsson

chapter 10|28 pages

- The EGS Family of Code Systems

ByScott J. Wilderman, Yoshihito Namito

chapter 11|20 pages

- ASIM: An Analytic PET Simulator

ByBrian F. Elston, Claude Comtat, Robert L. Harrison, Paul Kinahan

chapter 12|28 pages

- Monte Carlo in SPECT Scatter Correction

ByKenneth F. Koral, Yuni K. Dewaraja

chapter 13|24 pages

- Monte Carlo in Quantitative 3D PET: Scatter

ByRobert L. Harrison, Robert S. Miyaoka

chapter 16|10 pages

- Monte Carlo Method Applied in Nuclear Medicine Dosimetry

ByMichael Ljungberg