Nowadays energy crisis and global warming problems are hanging over everyone's head, urging much research work on energy saving. In the ICT industry, which is becoming a major consumer of global energy triggered by the telecommunication network operators experiencing energy cost as a significant factor in profit calculations, researchers have start

part |2 pages

I General Topics

chapter 1|26 pages

Runtime-Controlled Energy Reduction Techniques for FPGAs

ByAssem A. M. Bsoul, Stuart Dueck, Steven J. E. Wilton

chapter 2|22 pages

Smart Grid and ICT’s Role in Its Evolution

ByHassan Farhangi

chapter 6|24 pages

Green Communications for Carbon Emission Reductions: Architectures and Standards

ByCharles Despins, Fabrice Labeau, Richard Labelle, Mohamed Che´riet, Alberto Leon-Garcia, and Omar Cherkaoui

chapter 7|48 pages

The Role of ICT in the Evolution Towards Smart Grids

ByRaffaele Bolla, Flavio Cucchietti, Matteo Repetto

chapter 8|24 pages

Moving a Processing Element from Hot to Cool Spots: Is This an Efficient Method to Decrease Leakage Power Consumption in FPGAs?

ByAmor Nafkha, Pierre Leray, Yves Louet, Jacques Palicot

chapter 9|26 pages

Cloud Computing - a Greener Future for IT

chapter 10|30 pages

Energy-Efficient Management of Campus PCs

part |2 pages

II Focus on Wireless Communications

chapter 11|26 pages

C-RAN: A Green RAN Framework

ByKuilin Chen, Chunfeng Cui, Yuhong Huang, Bill Huang

chapter 13|32 pages

Green Wireless Communications under Quality of Service Constraints

ByDeli Qiao, Mustafa Cenk Gursoy, Senem Velipasalar

chapter 16|40 pages

Toward Energy-Efficient Operation of Base Stations in Cel- lular Wireless Networks

ByKyuho Son, Hongseok Kim, Yung Yi, Bhaskar Krishnamachari

chapter 17|44 pages

Green Wireless Access Networks

ByIstva´n Go´dor & P˚al Frenger, Oliver Blume, Hauke Holtkamp, Muhammad Imran, Attila Vida´cs & Pe´ter Fazekas, Dario Sabella, Emilio Calvanese Strinati & Rohit Gupta, Pekka Pirinen, and Albrecht Fehske

chapter 18|36 pages

Energy Efficient Communications in MIMO Wireless Chan- nels Me´rouane Debbah

ByVineeth S. Varma, E. Veronica Belmega, Samson Lasaulce

chapter 20|36 pages

Energy Conservation of Mobile Terminals in Multi-cell TDMA Networks

ByLiqun Fu, Hongseok Kim, Jianwei Huang, Soung Chang Liew, Mung Chiang

chapter 21|22 pages

Energy Efficiency for Wireless Relay Systems

chapter 23|32 pages

Green Video Streaming over Cellular Networks

part |2 pages

III Focus on Wireline Communications

chapter 24|26 pages

Trading off Energy and Forwarding Performance in Next- Generation Network Devices

ByRaffaele Bolla, Roberto Bruschi, Franco Davoli, Paolo Lago

chapter 25|22 pages

Energy Efficient VI Planning over Converged Optical Net- work and IT Resources

ByAnna Tzanakaki, Markos Anastasopoulos, Konstantinos Georgakilas, Shuping Peng, Reja Nejabati, Eduard Escalona, Dimitra Simeonidou

chapter 26|24 pages

Energy Aware Techniques In IP-Over-WDM Backbone Net- works

ByAntonio Cianfrani, Angelo Coiro, Vincenzo Eramo, Marco Listanti

chapter 27|28 pages

Energy-Aware Network Management and Content Distribu- tion

ByLuca Chiaraviglio, Ibrahim Matta