The Complete Book of Data Anonymization: From Planning to Implementation supplies a 360-degree view of data privacy protection using data anonymization. It examines data anonymization from both a practitioner's and a program sponsor's perspective. Discussing analysis, planning, setup, and governance, it illustrates the entire process of adapting an

chapter 1|18 pages

- Overview of Data Anonymization

chapter 2|10 pages

- Enterprise Data Privacy Governance Model

chapter 8|6 pages

- Enterprise Data Anonymization Execution Model


chapter 9|14 pages

- Tools and Technology

chapter 11|6 pages

- The Next Wave of Data Privacy Challenges

chapter 12|4 pages

- Data Anonymization Patterns

chapter 13|14 pages

- Data State Anonymization Patterns

chapter 14|16 pages

- Anonymization Environment Patterns

chapter 15|18 pages

- Data Flow Patterns across Environments

chapter 16|26 pages

- Data Anonymization Techniques

chapter 17|26 pages

- Data Anonymization Implementation