This volume deals with economic aspects of mining companies development strategies,  various mineral deposits development techniques, imitational modeling of mine workings with rock massif, methane extraction technologies during coal mining, geomechanical processes during plow mining, mining transport importance for mineral extraction, massif

chapter 5|6 pages

Study of rock displacement with the help of equivalent materials using room-and-pillar mining method

ByV. Buzylo, T. Savelieva & V. Saveliev

chapter 6|6 pages

Ecological problems of post-industrial mining areas

ByA. Gorova, A. Pavlychenko, S. Kulyna, & O. Shkremetko

chapter 7|4 pages

The mechanism of over-coal thin-layered massif deformation of weak rocks in a longwall

ByV. Bondarenko, G. Symanovych & O. Koval

chapter 8|6 pages

Methodological principles of negative opencast mining influence increasing due to steady development

ByI. Gumenik, A. Lozhnikov & A. Maevskiy

chapter 9|6 pages

Hydrodynamic cavitation in energy-saving technological processes of mining sector

ByY. Zhulay, V. Zberovskiy, A. Angelovskiy & I. Chugunkov

chapter 10|6 pages

Economic aspects of development strategy of mining companies

ByJ. Kudelko

chapter 12|8 pages

The formation of the finite-element model of the system “undermined massif-support of stope”

ByI. Kovalevs’ka, M. Illiashov, V. Fomychov & V. Chervatuk

chapter 13|6 pages

Software development for the automatic control system of deep-water hydrohoist

ByY. Kyrychenko, V. Samusia & V. Kyrychenko

chapter 14|8 pages

Degassing systems rational parameters selection at coal mines

ByN. Kremenchutskiy, O. Muha & I. Pugach

chapter 15|4 pages

Analysis of stress-strain state of rock mass while mining chain pillars by chambers

ByV. Buzylo, A. Yavorsk’yy & V. Yavorsk’yy

chapter 17|4 pages

Estimation of reliability and capacity of auxiliary vehicles while preparing coal reserves for stoping

ByA. Shyrin, V. Rastsvetaev & T. Morozova

chapter 18|6 pages

Influence of coal layers gasification on bearing rocks

ByV. Timoshuk, V. Tishkov, O. Inkin & E. Sherstiuk

chapter 21|4 pages

Analysis of test methods of determining antidust respirator quality

ByS. Cheberyachko, O. Yavors’ka & T. Morozova

chapter 25|4 pages

Imitating modeling stability of mine workings

ByO. Vladyko, M. Kononenko & O. Khomenko

chapter |6 pages

Chapter. 27. Experimental investigation of aeroelastic and hydroelastic instability parameters of a marine pipeline

ByY. Kyrychenko, V. Samusia V. Kyrychenko & O. Goman

chapter 30|4 pages

Derivatography as the method of water structure studying on solid mineral surface

ByV. Biletskyi, T. Shendrik & P. Sergeev

chapter 32|6 pages

Evaluating of metal-resin anchor parameter influence on the support capacity

ByG. Larionov & N. Larionov

chapter 33|6 pages

Prospects of plant waste using for energy

ByA. Pavlychenko & O. Borysovs’ka

chapter 34|8 pages

New method for justification the technological parameters of coal gasification in the test setting

ByV. Falshtynskyy, R. Dychkovskyy, V. Lozynskyy & P. Saik

chapter |17 pages

Deposit model as a first step in mining production scheduling

ByA. Dyczko, D. Galica & S. Sypniowski