Groundwater is a vital resource of water, in some regions of the world the only source of fresh water. Its use for domestic use and agriculture dates back thousands of years. In recent decades the over-exploitation and unabated use of this resource has lead to severe environmental problems such as resource depletion, land subsidence and groundwater contamination. To mitigate these adverse impacts and protect this valuable resource, it is imperative that rational groundwater management practices and policies as well as robust modeling and analysis tools be developed.

This volume and the accompanying USB memory card include the abstracts and full papers that were presented at the 6th International Groundwater Symposium that was held in Kuwait between 19 and 21 of November, 2012. The Symposium was jointly organized by the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and the Groundwater Hydraulics and Management Committee of the International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research (IAHR). More than 100 researchers, engineers, geologists and water specialists from more than 20 countries attended the Symposium to exchange ideas and expertise relating to the latest developments in the fi eld. The papers presented at the Symposium were organized under the following themes: modeling and management under uncertainty, sustainable groundwater management in arid and semiarid environments, Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) as a groundwater management tool, management solutions for groundwater rise problems, fl ow and transport modeling, and subsurface contamination and remediation.

This volume provides a state-of-the-art discussion of the latest issues relating to groundwater exploration, management and protection, with an emphasis on bridging the gap between research practice and policy. The volume will serve as an important reference to students, researchers, modelers as well as practitioners and policy makers.

part |12 pages

Modeling and management under uncertainty

chapter |1 pages

Forecasting groundwater level of Shahrood plain in Iran with stochastic and artificial neural network models

ByS. Emamgholizadeh, M. Rahimian, M. Kiani, M.A. Naseri Rekavandi

chapter |1 pages

Estimation of groundwater recharge using various methods in Neishaboor Plain, Iran

ByT. Ahmadi, A.N. Ziaei, K. Davary, A. Faridhosseini, A. Izadi, A. Rasoulzadeh

chapter |1 pages

Water resources and human health (fluoride toxicity)

ByK.L. Narasimha Rao, S.V. Lingeswara Rao, V. Pushpa Kumari

chapter |1 pages

Identifying the origin of nitrogen pollutant in groundwater in the North China Plain using monitoring data and IGESF model

ByA. Yangwen Jia, B. Xifeng Wang, C. Cunwen Niu, Jinjun You, Chuiyu Lu

chapter |1 pages

Propagating conceptual and parametric uncertainty from regional to local groundwater models

ByM.A. Awad, Α.E. Hassan, H.M. Bekhit

chapter |1 pages

Well capture zone delineation under uncertainty: The value of information for risk assessment

ByX. Sanchez-Vila, F.P.J. de Barros, A. Guadagnini, D. Fernàndez-Garcia, M. Riva

part |15 pages

Sustainable groundwater management in arid and semiarid environments

chapter Keynote speech|1 pages

Quantifying arid zone groundwater recharge with environmental tracers

ByP.G. Cook

chapter |1 pages

Qanat, a source of sustainability in arid and semi-arid regions

ByF. Yazdandoost

chapter |1 pages

Prediction of groundwater table under changing water utilisation in the North China plain

ByYou Jinjun, Wang Lin, Lu Chuiyu, Jia Ling

chapter |1 pages

Comparison study of rainwater quality of an arid and a semiarid region

ByT. Rashid, A. Al-Haddad

chapter |1 pages

KISR's successful experience: Production of high quality bottled water using beach well

ByM. Al-Tabtabaei, Ali Al-Odwani, Ahmad Al-Saffar

chapter |1 pages

Groundwater flow modelling in arid and semi-arid regions using modflow: Case of Miocene aquifer of Zéramdine-Béni Hassen (East Central Tunisia)

ByFethi Lachaal, Mourad Bédir, Jamila Tarhouni, Ayadi Ben Gacha, Christian Leduc

chapter |1 pages

Establishment of a groundwater monitoring network in Kuwait: A conceptual model

ByA. Akber, Α. Mukhopadhyay, Α. Fadlelmawla

chapter |1 pages

Monitoring groundwater level and total dissolved solids around sabkha nabkha deposits in Kuwait

ByAli M. Al-Dousari, Modi Ahmed, Mohammad Al-Senafy

part |7 pages

Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) as groundwater management tool

chapter |1 pages

Reclaimed water use optimization in the Middle East

ByFrank P. Winslow, Santo Michael Ancheril, Robert G. Maliva

chapter |1 pages

Feasibility of artificial recharge at the Az-Zaqlah depression in Kuwait

ByA. Mukhopadhyay, Α. Al-Haddad, V. Kotwicki, M. Al-Senafy, T. Rashid, H. Al-Qallaf

part |6 pages

Management solutions for groundwater rise problems

part |16 pages

Flow and transport modeling

chapter |1 pages

Quantification of methanogenesis-dominated natural attenuation processes in a carbonate aquifer

ByA King, G.B. Davis, H. Prommer, C. Hinz

chapter |1 pages

Coupling of unsaturated and saturated soil zone models to estimate groundwater recharge in mining areas

ByJ. Sallwey, M. Meyer, P.-W. Gräber, R Blankenburg

chapter |1 pages

Stochastic modeling of conservative transport in dual porosity media using finite cell method

ByM.A. Abd-Elmegeed, H.M. Bekhit, A.E. Hassan

chapter |1 pages

Modeling analysis for Mexico City aquifer based on measured data

ByG. Ruiz, R. Ruiz

chapter |1 pages

A comparison of body-fitted and immersed boundary methods for pore-scale modeling of fully saturated flow in synthetic porous media

ByM. Siena, A. Guadagnini, Μ. Riva, P. Gouze, P.K. Smolarkiewicz, C.L. Winter, J.D. Hyman, F. Inzoli, G. Guédon, E. Colombo

chapter |1 pages

Partially saturated oscillatory flow under tidal conditions in porous column: Experimental results

ByKhalil Alastal, Rachid Ababou, Dominique Astruc

chapter |1 pages

Modeling transport of hydrocarbon contaminants in the groundwater of North Kuwait

ByA. Akber, Α. Mukhopadhyay

chapter |1 pages

Groundwater vulnerability and quality of Dezful plain

ByA.A. Abdeh Kolahchi, B.M. Karimzadeh

part |4 pages

Characterization of heterogeneous subsurface environments

chapter |1 pages

Keynote speech A new approach to hydrological scaling

ByA. Guadagnini, Μ. Riva, S.P. Neuman, M. Siena

part |10 pages

Subsurface contamination and remediation

chapter |1 pages

Removal nitrate, arsenic and cadmium pollution by iron nano particles in groundwater

ByM. Kholghi, S.M. Hosseini, M. Janbaz, S. Lotfi, M. Taheri

chapter |1 pages

An experimental study on the denitrification of leachate continuously loaded from a municipal waste landfill

ByΚ. Michioku, Κ. Tanaka, M. Yagi, T. Nakamichi, Ν. Wada

chapter |1 pages

Sustainability of irrigation with Barapukuria coal-mine drainage, NW Bangladesh: An environmental impact study

ByJ.K. Dutta, C.S. Jahan, Q.H. Mazumder, M. Motin, S. Jaman, Ν. Sultana, Μ.Α. Ahasan

chapter |1 pages

Groundwater bioremediation using solid oxygen sources

ByMohamed M.A. Mohamed