Nursing Practice and Health Care is an essential companion to pre-registration nursing education programmes, for those studying at degree and diploma level, and for students on post-registration courses. This fifth edition has been completely revised to reflect the current professional and educational requirements for those preparing for

part |2 pages

Part 1: Perspectives on nursing

chapter 2|9 pages

Being a nurse

ByAngela Barry

chapter 3|25 pages

What is nursing?

ByJune Clark

part |2 pages

Part 2: Learning nursing

chapter 4|19 pages

Learning nursing

chapter 5|23 pages

Support networks for students

ByNick Salter

part |2 pages

Part 3: Practising nursing

chapter 6|25 pages

Principles of professional practice

chapter 7|34 pages

Maintaining professional standards

BySusan Savage

chapter 8|27 pages

Clinical governance and accountable practice

ByJacqueline McKenna

chapter 9|26 pages

Ethical dimensions of practice

ByPaul Gibbons

chapter 10|25 pages

Care settings

ByRosemary Cook

chapter 11|21 pages

Nursing in an electronic world

ByJune Clark

part |2 pages

Part 4: Key aspects of care

chapter 12|16 pages

Frameworks for practice

chapter 13|25 pages

Loving nursing: nursing beyond boundaries and the search for well-being

ByStephen G Wright

chapter 14|28 pages

Assessment: the foundation of good practice

ByRuth Beretta

chapter 15|29 pages

The needs of children

ByCatherine Lawrence

chapter 16|18 pages

The needs of young people

ByMarcelle de Sousa

chapter 17|26 pages

The needs of the acutely ill adult

ByJacqueline Elton, Hayley Reading

chapter 18|21 pages

Long-term health needs and rehabilitation

ByJacqueline Elton, Judith Evans

chapter 19|33 pages

The needs of older people

BySue Davies, Mike Nolan

chapter 20|23 pages

Care needs at home and in the community

ByRosemary Cook

chapter 21|23 pages

Expected and unexpected death

part |2 pages

Part 5: Professional support and development

chapter 23|22 pages

Your career: your opportunity as a professional nurse

ByJane Schober