The field of thermal therapy has been growing tenaciously in the last few decades. The application of heat to living tissues, from mild hyperthermia to high-temperature thermal ablation, has produced a host of well-documented genetic, cellular, and physiological responses that are being researched intensely for medical applications, particularly fo

chapter 1|20 pages

- Fundamentals of Bioheat Transfer

ByKenneth R. Diller

chapter 2|18 pages

- Thermal Dose Models: Irreversible Alterations in Tissues

ByJohn A. Pearce

chapter 3|16 pages

- Practical Clinical Thermometry

ByR. Jason Stafford, Brian A. Taylor

chapter 4|18 pages

- Physics of Electromagnetic Energy Sources

ByJeffrey W. Hand

chapter 5|20 pages

- The Physics of Ultrasound Energy Sources

ByVictoria Bull and Gail R. ter Haar

chapter 7|20 pages

- Numerical Modeling for Simulation and Treatment Planning of Thermal Therapy

ByEsra Neufeld, Maarten M. Paulides, Gerard C. van Rhoon, Niels Kuster

chapter 8|20 pages

- External Electromagnetic Methods and Devices

ByGerard C. van Rhoon

chapter 9|18 pages

- Interstitial Electromagnetic Devices for Thermal Ablation

ByDieter Haemmerich, Chris Brace

chapter 10|12 pages

- Clinical External Ultrasonic Treatment Devices

ByLili Chen, Faqi Li, Feng Wu, Eduardo G. Moros

chapter 11|14 pages

- Endocavity and Catheter-Based Ultrasound Devices

ByChris J. Diederich

chapter 12|16 pages

- Evolving Tools for Navigated Image-Guided Thermal Cancer Therapy

ByKevin Cleary, Emmanuel Wilson, Filip Banovac

chapter 13|22 pages

- Temperature Imaging Using Ultrasound

ByR. Martin Arthur

chapter 14|14 pages

- Focused Ultrasound Applications for Brain Cancer

ByMeaghan A. O’Reilly and Kullervo Hynynen

chapter 16|14 pages

- Using Hyperthermia to Augment Drug Delivery

ByMark W. Dewhirst

chapter 17|26 pages

- Magnetic Nanoparticles for Cancer Therapy

ByAndreas Jordan, Michael L. Etheridge, John C. Bischof

chapter 18|20 pages

- Application of Gold Nanoparticles (GNP) in Laser Thermal Therapy

ByZhenpeng Qin, John C. Bischof

chapter 19|18 pages

- Thermochemical Ablation

ByErik N. K. Cressman