From the discovery of x-rays in 1895 through the emergence of computed tomography (CT) in the 1970s and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in the 1980s, non-invasive imaging has revolutionized the practice of medicine. While these technologies have thoroughly penetrated clinical practice, scientists continue to develop novel approaches that promise t

chapter 1|20 pages

- X-Ray Tomosynthesis

ByIngrid Reiser

chapter 2|20 pages

- Spectral/Photon-Counting Computed Tomography

ByJochen Cammin, Jan S. Iwanczyk, and Katsuyuki Taguchi

chapter 3|14 pages

- Grating-Based X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging

ByPeter Modregger, Bernd Pinzer, Zhentian Wang, Marco Stampanoni

chapter 4|18 pages

- Analyzer-Based X-Ray Phase-Contrast Imaging

ByJovan G. Brankov, Adam M. Zysk

chapter 5|20 pages

- Propagation-Based Imaging

ByGlenn R. Myers, Karen K.W. Siu, and Kaye S. Morgan

chapter 6|8 pages

- Photoacoustic Mammography

ByRobert Kruger, Richard Lam, Daniel Reinecke, Stephen Del Rio

chapter 7|20 pages

- Multiparameter Photoacoustic Tomography

BySong Hu, Christopher Favazza, and Lihong V. Wang

chapter 9|16 pages

- Diffuse Optical Imaging: Application to Breast Imaging

ByPaola Taroni, Antonio Pifferi, Giovanna Quarto, Lorenzo Spinelli, Alessandro Torricelli, Rinaldo Cubeddu

chapter 10|12 pages

- Diffuse Optical Imaging: Application to Brain Imaging

ByJeremy C. Hebden

chapter 11|16 pages

- Ultrasound Tomography Systems for Medical Imaging

ByNeb Duric, Olivier Roy, Cuiping Li, Steve Schmidt, Xiaoyang Cheng, Jeffrey Goll, Dave Kunz, Ken Bates, Roman Janer, and Peter Littrup

chapter 12|18 pages

Imaging the Elastic Properties of Tissue

ByKevin J. Parker

chapter 13|20 pages

- Acoustic Radiation Force Imaging

ByJeremy J. Dahl

chapter 14|12 pages

- Multimodality: Positron Emission Tomography-Magnetic Resonance Imaging

ByJinsong Ouyang, Quanzheng Li, Georges El Fakhri

chapter 15|20 pages

- Multimodal Photoacoustic and Ultrasound Imaging

ByPeter van Es, Ton G. van Leeuwen, Wiendelt Steenbergen, Srirang Manohar

chapter 16|10 pages

- Multimodality Imaging: Photoacoustic Tomography/Diffuse Optical Tomography

ByAdam Q. Bauer, Ralph E. Nothdurft, Todd N. Erpelding, Lihong V. Wang, Joseph P. Culver

chapter 17|18 pages

Combined Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Near-Infrared Spectral Imaging

ByMichael A. Mastanduno, Kelly E. Michaelsen, Scott C. Davis, Shudong Jiang, Brian W. Pogue, and Keith D. Paulsen

chapter 18|12 pages

- Photoacoustic Microscopy for Ophthalmic Applications

ByHao F. Zhang, Shuliang Jiao

chapter 19|10 pages

- Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Microscopy

ByP. Scott Carney, Steven Adie, Stephen A. Boppart

chapter 20|30 pages

- Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopic Imaging: An Emerging Label-Free Approach for Molecular Imaging

ByKevin Yeh, Rohith Reddy, Rohit Bhargava