With major implications for applied physics, engineering, and the natural and social sciences, the rapidly growing area of environmental fluid dynamics focuses on the interactions of human activities, environment, and fluid motion. A landmark for the field, the two-volume Handbook of Environmental Fluid Dynamics presents the basic principles, funda

chapter 1|16 pages

- Water Distribution Systems

ByF.A. Bombardelli

chapter 2|12 pages

- Groundwater–Surface Water Discharges

ByChristopher Butler, Thomas C. Harmon

chapter 3|10 pages

- Fluid Mechanics of Agricultural Systems

ByJosef Tanny

chapter 4|14 pages

- Desalination and the Environment

ByM.J. Davidson and C.J. Oliver

chapter 5|14 pages

- Bubble Plumes

ByScott A. Socolofsky, Chris R. Rehmann

chapter 6|16 pages

- Scour around Hydraulic Structures

ByF. Sotiropoulos, P. Diplas, A. Khosronejad

chapter 7|12 pages

- Flow through Urban Canopies

ByRex E. Britter, Silvana Di Sabatino

chapter 8|14 pages

- Flow through Buildings

ByNigel Berkeley Kaye, Morris R. Flynn

chapter 10|18 pages

- Wake–Structure Interactions

ByC.H.K. Williamson

chapter 11|20 pages

- Urban Heat Islands

ByM. Roth

chapter 12|12 pages

- Atmospheric Dispersion

ByJeffrey C. Weil

chapter 13|14 pages

- Flow and Dispersion in Street Canyons*

ByJong-Jin Baik

chapter 14|14 pages

- Air Flow through Tunnels

ByHong-Ming Jang, Falin Chen

chapter 15|12 pages

- Sound Outdoors and Noise Pollution

ByD.K. Wilson, E.T. Nykaza, M.J. White, M.E. Swearingen, L.L. Pater, and G.A. Luz

chapter 16|14 pages

- Riverine Transport, Mixing, and Dispersion

ByJ. Ezequiel Martin, Meredith L. Carr, Marcelo H. García

chapter 17|14 pages

- Ocean Outfalls

ByPhilip J.W. Roberts

chapter 18|14 pages

- Modeling Oil Spills to Mitigate Coastal Pollution

ByPoojitha D. Yapa

chapter 19|16 pages

- Miscible and Immiscible Pollutants in Subsurface Systems

ByTissa H. Illangasekare, Christophe C. Frippiat

chapter 20|10 pages

- Turbulent Flow Modeling

BySukanta Basu

chapter 21|18 pages

- Direct and Large Eddy Simulation of Environmental Flows

BySutanu Sarkar, Vincenzo Armenio

chapter 22|10 pages

- Multiscale Nesting and High Performance Computing

ByAlex Mahalov, Mohamed Moustaoui

chapter 23|22 pages

- Multiscale Representations: Fractals, Self-Similar Random Processes and Wavelets

ByMarie Farge, Kai Schneider, Olivier Pannekoucke, and Romain Nguyen van yen

chapter 24|12 pages

- Dispersion Modeling

ByAkula Venkatram

chapter 25|14 pages

- Modeling the Urban Boundary and Canopy Layers*

ByJason Ching, Fei Chen

chapter 26|22 pages

- Air Pollution Modeling and Its Applications

ByDaewon W. Byun

chapter 28|12 pages

- Cyberinfrastructure and Community Environmental Modeling

ByJ.P.M. Syvitski, Scott D. Peckham, Olaf David, Jonathan L. Goodall, Cecelia Deluca, and Gerhard Theurich

chapter 29|16 pages

- Uncertainty in Environmental NWP Modeling

ByDavid R. Stauffer

chapter 30|16 pages

- Physical Modeling of Hydraulics and Sediment Transport

ByOlivier Cazaillet, Sultan Alam, Clinton S. Willson

chapter 31|14 pages

- Laboratory Modeling

ByStuart B. Dalziel

chapter 32|10 pages

- General Laboratory Techniques

ByThomas Peacock

chapter 33|14 pages

- Hot-Wire Anemometry in Turbulence Research

ByEliezer Kit

chapter 34|16 pages

- Optical Methods and Unconventional Experimental Setups in Turbulence Research

ByRoi Gurka, Eliezer Kit

chapter 35|14 pages

- Hydrophysical Measurements in Natural Waters

ByElena Roget

chapter 36|8 pages

- Flow Measurements in the Atmosphere

ByRonald J. Calhoun

chapter 37|16 pages

- Atmospheric Flux Measurements

ByEric R. Pardyjak, Chad W. Higgins, Marc B. Parlange