Invasion of non-native plant species, which has a significant impact on the earth's ecosystems, has greatly increased in recent years due to expanding trade and transport among different countries. Understanding the ecological principles underlying the invasive process as well as the characteristics of the invasive plants is crucial for making good

chapter 1|6 pages

- Invasive plant ecology: The horse behind the cart?

ByShibu Jose, Harminder Pal Singh, Daizy R. Batish, Ravinder Kumar Kohli, Sougata Bardhan

chapter 2|12 pages

What makes alien plants so successful? Exploration of the ecological basis

ByEric J. Holzmueller, Shibu Jose

chapter 3|10 pages

- Novel weapon hypothesis for the successful establishment of invasive plants in alien environments: A critical appraisal

ByDaizy R. Batish, Harminder Pal Singh, Shalinder Kaur, Priyanka, and Ravinder Kumar Kohli

chapter 4|16 pages

- Functional basis for geographical variation in growth among invasive plants

ByJohn C. Volin, Jason R. Parent, Lindsay M. Dreiss

chapter 6|18 pages

- From species coexistence to genotype coexistence: What can we learn from invasive plants?

ByAlexandra Robin Collins, Jane Molofsky

chapter 7|14 pages

- Mycorrhizae and alien plants

ByDonald L. Hagan, Shibu Jose

chapter 12|14 pages

- Impact of invasive alien plant species on aboveground and belowground species diversity in the Kashmir Himalaya, India

ByZafar A. Reshi, Nazima Rasool, Pervaiz A. Dar, Waheeda Rehman, Manzoor A. Shah

chapter 13|14 pages

- Ecology and management of invasive plants in Africa

ByRoland A.Y. Holou, E.G. Achigan-Dako, and Brice Sinsin

chapter 14|28 pages

- Geospatial tools for identifying and managing invasive plants

ByEmma C. Underwood, Allan D. Hollander, James F. Quinn

chapter 17|20 pages

- Economics of invasive plant management

ByDamian C. Adams, Donna J. Lee

chapter 18|24 pages

- An economic analysis of the invasive plant problem associated with the horticulture industry in North America

ByEdward B. Barbier, Duncan Knowler, Johnson Gwatipedza, and Sarah H. Reichard