Installation effects in geotechnical engineering contains the proceedings of the International Conference on Installation Effects in Geotechnical Engineering (Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 24-27 March 2013), the closing conference of GEO-INSTALL (FP7/2007-2013, PIAG-GA-2009-230638), an Industry-Academia Pathways and Partnerships project funded by the

chapter |4 pages

Does the river Meuse change?

ByH.H. Tolkamp

chapter |10 pages

Impact of climate change on inundation hazard along the river Meuse

ByB. Dewals, G. Drogue, S. Erpicum, M. Pirotton & P. Archambeau

chapter |8 pages

Impacts of future floods and low flows on the economy in the Meuse basin

ByB. Sinaba, R. Döring, M. Kufeld, H. Schüttrumpf & A. Bauwens

chapter |8 pages

Natural water retention, a no-regret measure against future water-related risks and an opportunity for local communication

ByM. Fournier, M. Lejeune, P. van Iersel, R. Lambregts & C. Raskin

chapter |6 pages

Structural protection against future water-related risks and solidarity among the Meuse countries

ByM. Fournier, J. De Bijl, G. Demny, C. Homann, K. Maeghe & M. Linsen

chapter |2 pages

Crisis management: the AMICE exercise in November 2011

ByB. Tonnelier

chapter |8 pages

Active flood management in Alpine catchment areas equipped with storage hydropower schemes

ByM. Bieri, A.J. Schleiss & F. Jordan

chapter |6 pages

Towards a roadmap to climate change adaptation in the Meuse river basin, with the focus on water quantity

ByI. Krueger, B.T. Ottow, O. de Keizer & H. Buiteveld

chapter |4 pages

The Programme Interreg IV B North-West Europe

ByL. Tuulik

chapter |2 pages

Deltares activities in the Meuse river basin

ByF.C. SpernaWeiland, M. van Dijk, O. de Keizer & A.H. Weerts

chapter |2 pages

Knowledge of the river Meuse

ByH. Nacken

chapter |2 pages

The CONHAZ project

ByC. Green

chapter |2 pages

Using agro-hydrology to adapt to climate evolutions

ByA. Degré, C. Sohier, A. Bauwens & M. Grandry

chapter |2 pages

Taming the rivers? Solutions and strategies

ByR. Thépot

chapter |4 pages

How to communicate about climate change impacts?

ByE. Huyghe

chapter |2 pages

La Commission Internationale de la Meuse

ByJ. Tack

chapter |2 pages

AMICE song

ByJ. De Bijl & M. Linsen

chapter |6 pages

Old river Meuse meets Super hero AMICE

ByM. Lejeune & M. Fournier

chapter |2 pages

Internet documentary on the river Meuse

ByW. Overmars

chapter |3 pages

AMICE Partners