Providing detailed examples and valuable discussions of the development of specific methods, approaches, and legislation, this reference presents the latest information on the impact of toxicology on the regulatory process and illustrates the interrelationship between toxicology and the regulation of chemicals, pharmaceutical compounds, and food su

chapter 1|20 pages

The High Production Volume Challenge Program

ByRichard H. Hefter, Barbara A. Leczynski, Charles M. Auer

chapter 2|24 pages

Homeland Security and Bioterrorism

ByHarry Salem

chapter 3|32 pages

The Food Quality Protection Act and the Safe Drinking Water Act

ByWilliam L. Jordan, Gary E. Timm

chapter 4|24 pages

Chemical Risk Screening and the Regulatory Process

ByMargaret Johnson Wilson

chapter 5|28 pages

The Influence of Regulation on Toxicology

ByMamata De, Owen McMaster, Wendelyn J. Schmidt

chapter 6|32 pages

National Toxicology Program

ByMary S. Wolfe, Christopher J. Portier

chapter 7|12 pages

Toxicogenomics and Regulatory Science

ByCynthia A. Afshari

chapter 8|46 pages

Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetics

ByWilliam L. Roth

chapter 9|26 pages

Safety of Pesticidal Proteins in Food

ByChris A. Wozniak, John L. Kough

chapter 10|16 pages

Alternatives in Toxicology

ByPaul A. Locke, Alan M. Goldberg

chapter 11|22 pages

Genetic Toxicology and Regulatory Policy

ByDavid Brusick