The development of integrated silicon photonic circuits has recently been driven by the Internet and the push for high bandwidth as well as the need to reduce power dissipation induced by high data-rate signal transmission. To reach these goals, efficient passive and active silicon photonic devices, including waveguide, modulators, photodetectors,

chapter 1|54 pages

- Group IV Materials

ByErich Kasper, Michael Oehme, Matthias Bauer, Martin Kittler, Manfred Reiche, Osamu Nakatsuka, Shigeaki Zaima

chapter 2|42 pages

- Guided Light in Silicon-Based Materials

ByKoji Yamada, Tai Tsuchizawa, Hiroshi Fukuda, Christian Koos, Joerg Pfeifle, Jens H. Schmid, Pavel Cheben, Przemek J. Bock, and Andrew P. Knights

chapter 3|42 pages

- Off-Chip Coupling

ByWim Bogaerts, Diedrik Vermeulen

chapter 4|58 pages

- Multichannel Silicon Photonic Devices

ByTing Lei, Shaoqi Feng, Aimé Sayarath, Jun-Feng Song, Xianshu Luo, Guo-Qiang Lo, Andrew W. Poon

chapter 5|52 pages

- Nonlinear Optics in Silicon

ByOzdal Boyraz, Xinzhu Sang, Massimo Cazzanelli, Yuewang Huang

chapter 6|38 pages

- Long-Wavelength Photonic Circuits

ByGoran Z. Mashanovich, Milan M. Milošević, Sanja Zlatanovic, Faezeh Gholami, Nikola Alic, Stojan Radic, Zoran Ikonic, Robert W. Kelsall, Gunther Roelkens

chapter 7|46 pages

- Photonic Crystals

ByMasaya Notomi, Kengo Nozaki, Shinji Matsuo, Toshihiko Baba

chapter 8|106 pages

- Silicon-Based Light Sources

ByAleksei Anopchenko, Alexei Prokofiev, Irina N. Yassievich, Stefano Ossicini, Leonid Tsybeskov, David J. Lockwood, Saba Saeed, Tom Gregorkiewicz, Maciek Wojdak, Jifeng Liu, and Al Meldrum

chapter 9|40 pages

- Optical Modulation

ByDelphine Marris-Morini, Richard A. Soref, David J. Thomson, Graham T. Reed, Rebecca K. Schaevitz, and David A. B. Miller

chapter 10|74 pages

- Photodetectors

ByJurgen Michel, Steven J. Koester, Jifeng Liu, Xiaoxin Wang, Michael W. Geis, Steven J. Spector, Matthew E. Grein, Jung U. Yoon, Theodore M. Lyszczarz, and Ning- Ning Feng

chapter 11|58 pages

- Hybrid and Heterogeneous Photonic Integration

ByMartijn J. R. Heck, John E. Bowers

chapter 12|68 pages

- Fabrication of Silicon Photonics Devices

ByFrancisco López Royo

chapter 13|28 pages

- Convergence between Photonics and CMOS

ByThierry Pinguet, Jean-Marc Fedeli

chapter 14|42 pages

- Silicon Photonics for Biology

ByDan-Xia Xu, Siegfried Janz, Adam Densmore, André Delâge, Pavel Cheben, Jens H. Schmid, Ryan C. Bailey, Adam T. Heiniger, Qiang Lin, Philippe M. Fauchet, Qi Wang, and Yimin Chao

chapter 15|64 pages

- Silicon-Based Photovoltaics

ByMario Tucci, Massimo Izzi, Radovan Kopecek, Michelle McCann, Alessia Le Donne, Simona Binetti, Shujuan Huang, Gavin Conibeer