Soil diversity (pedodiversity) is part of our natural and cultural heritage. The preservation of the pedosphere is essential for the protection of the biosphere and the Earth's systems, the regulation of climate, and for world food security. In this book, reputed international experts discuss the state of the art of pedodiversity analysis-analyzing

chapter 1|28 pages

Pedodiversity State of the Art and Future Challenges

ByJuan José Ibáñez, Ronald Job Vargas, Antonio Vázquez-Hoehne

chapter 2|30 pages

Measuring Diversity of Environmental Systems

ByEnrico Feoli, Paola Ganis, Carlo Ricotta

chapter 3|20 pages

Nonlinear Dynamics, Divergent Evolution, and Pedodiversity

ByJonathan D. Phillips

chapter 4|26 pages

Fractals and Multifractals in Pedodiversity and Biodiversity Analyses

ByFernando San José Martínez, Francisco Javier Caniego Monreal

chapter 5|28 pages

Pedodiversity and Landscape Ecology

ByAsunción Saldaña

chapter 6|20 pages

Pedodiversity and Landforms

ByNorair Toomanian

chapter 8|16 pages

Soil Endemism and its Importance to Taxonomic Pedodiversity

ByJames G. Bockheim, Nicholas Haus

chapter 9|18 pages

Pedodiversity Studies in China

ByXuelei ZHANG