Nanoelectronic Device Applications Handbook gives a comprehensive snapshot of the state of the art in nanodevices for nanoelectronics applications. Combining breadth and depth, the book includes 68 chapters on topics that range from nano-scaled complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) devices through recent developments in nano capacitors and AlGaAs/GaAs devices. The contributors are world-renowned experts from academia and industry from around the globe.

The handbook explores current research into potentially disruptive technologies for a post-CMOS world. These include:

  • Nanoscale advances in current MOSFET/CMOS technology
  • Nano capacitors for applications such as electronics packaging and humidity sensors
  • Single electron transistors and other electron tunneling devices
  • Quantum cellular automata and nanomagnetic logic
  • Memristors as switching devices and for memory
  • Graphene preparation, properties, and devices
  • Carbon nanotubes (CNTs), both single CNT and random network
  • Other CNT applications such as terahertz, sensors, interconnects, and capacitors
  • Nano system architectures for reliability
  • Nanowire device fabrication and applications
  • Nanowire transistors
  • Nanodevices for spintronics

The book closes with a call for a new generation of simulation tools to handle nanoscale mechanisms in realistic nanodevice geometries.

This timely handbook offers a wealth of insights into the application of nanoelectronics. It is an invaluable reference and source of ideas for anyone working in the rapidly expanding field of nanoelectronics.

section 3|53 pages

Nano Capacitors

section 5|57 pages

Single-Electron Transistors and Electron Tunneling Devices

section 7|78 pages

Memristors, Resistive Switches, and Memory

chapter 26|8 pages

Thermally Actuated Nanoelectromechanical Memory

A New Memory Concept for Spacecraft Application

section 10|62 pages

Carbon Nanotube Applications

section 15|51 pages

Nanowire Fabrication

section 17|66 pages

Nanowire Transistors

chapter 59|12 pages

Characterization of Gate-All-Around Si-Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor

Extraction of Series Resistance and Capacitance–Voltage Behavior

section 20|13 pages

Nanodevice Modeling